Oversleep? These 6 tips will save you money now

Surely this has happened to you before and you overslept. It doesn’t matter that your alarm clock didn’t ring, you forgot to set it, or you just didn’t hear it – excessive sleep is always uncomfortable, associated with a certain hectic pace and also spoils the whole day. However, this need not be the case. In this article you will learn how to do it Oversleep prevent it in the future and what to do if it happens to you.

Everything you need to know about oversleeping:

This way you can avoid oversleeping

Of course, sleeping too long is still very uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can easily avoid it. here is Four tips to help you avoid oversleeping in the future:

1. Evening routine without smartphone

First, it’s important to establish an evening routine that fits into your daily routine. It shouldn’t be much different on different days of the week. so put set a time when you want to be in bed and schedule dinner and bathroom times accordingly. At best, set this time so that you get about seven to eight hours of sleep.

It is also useful to stop using your cell phone after a certain point. It is therefore best to put it aside at the start of your evening routine and not touch it again until the next day. So you won’t be tempted to sit on your cell phone all evening and maybe wasting a precious bedtime.

2. Get enough sleep

As already mentioned, getting enough sleep is very important. Those who sleep too little not only have a harder time getting out of bed in the morning, but can only do so much worse throughout the day. So, depending on your age and activity level, you should seven to eight hours a night sleep. So make sure you get enough sleep.

3. The Good Awakening

A too quiet or faulty alarm clock has already made many people oversleep. Therefore, always set your alarm clock on time, regularly check whether it is still working and, above all, make sure that that you hear the alarm clock even in the deepest phase of sleep.

A relaxed wake-up tune may be more enjoyable, but unfortunately it doesn’t do much if you don’t hear it all the time. So sometimes it has to be shrill awakening be getting out of bed.

A healthy diet is essential for a good night’s sleep. Photo: imago images/Westend61

4. A healthy lifestyle

But a healthy lifestyle is also essential to avoid oversleeping. Only those who have a regular daily routine and a healthy, balanced diet can fall asleep better in the evening and therefore also start the next day with a lot of energy. It is therefore essential to ensure a regulated balance between professional and private life.

You must do this if you have overslept

But what if it happens despite the advice above or maybe it has already happened? We show you here six brilliant tips that will save you the next time you oversleep:

1. Don’t Panic

Unfortunately, when you oversleep, it’s very easy to panic. However, avoid this at all costs! This frenetic pace usually results in many mistakes or, in the worst case, even accidents. So breathe and tell yourself that you can’t change it now. You should then complete the following steps quickly, but not too quickly.

2. Inform the work

In order to ward off the panic and also the embarrassment of your employer, you must first call them and explain that you have overslept and therefore will probably be late. So name your employer realistic window of time when you are likely to report to work and keep that too.

3. Plan your commute

Next, you need to plan your commute to work. Especially if you use public transport to get to work, you should find the fastest possible connection and also take into account commuter traffic.

The woman brushes her teeth in front of the mirror overslept
A neat appearance is important, even if you oversleep. Photo: imago images/Westend61

4. A neat appearance

Even if you’re stressed out right now, that’s no excuse to show up to work undressed. take, even if you overslept, some time to prepare optically. Of course, you shouldn’t spend two more hours in the bathroom now, but brushed teeth, a bit of deodorant, combed hair and proper attire should still be there.

5. Start the day strengthened

If you’ve done everything so far, now is the time to grab a quick meal or pack something to eat on the way to work. You certainly don’t have time for a long breakfast, but leaving the house without having eaten anything is anything but healthy.

A quick Cereal, fruit, a breakfast sandwich or smoothie are all things you can prepare without too much effort and with little time.

6. Sincere apologies

When you arrive at work or on your date, it’s time to be honest. We hear more and more funny excuses that everyone knows are only half true anyway. So grab the next opportunity and sincerely sorry for your delay and offer to make up for missed hours. So no one will blame you until your delays increase.

woman lying in bed asleep waking up
Excessive sleep happens to everyone. Make sure it doesn’t happen too often. Photo: imago images/Cavan Images

Conclusion: Oversleeping will no longer be a problem in the future

Oversleeping should therefore no longer be a problem for you in the future. Whether it’s because you don’t sleep too much at all or because you now know how to deal with it properly. Just make sure you not showing up too often late for work or other important appointments. Otherwise, it can have serious consequences.

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