Organic weather in Regensburg today: here’s how the current weather affects your health

Overview of the biological weather and pollen density of Regensburg: You can read the current weather forecast for the Regensburg region and how the weather with allergies or sensitivity to weather conditions can affect your health today and tomorrow here on news .of.

Your organic and pollen weather today.
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The weather in Regensburg for today May 3, 2022 and tomorrow May 4, 2022 at a glance

today tomorrow we start in Regensburg with 9 degrees during the day. Temperatures will rise to 19°C during the day and drop to 11°C on Wednesday evening. Moderate rain is expected today with a 100% chance of precipitation. A weak wind is blowing with wind speeds of up to 10 km/h. The UV index is in the middle at 5.43.

  • Sunrise: 05:05
  • Sunset: 8:05 p.m.

Morning early in the morning, temperatures in Regensburg are around 9 degrees and rise to 17°C during the day. During the night, the thermometer drops back to 11 degrees. Expect light rain tomorrow. There is an 89% chance of precipitation. The wind is blowing weakly with wind speeds of up to 9 km/h. At 4.13, tomorrow’s UV Index will be average.

  • Sunrise: 05:05
  • Sunset: 8:05 p.m.

The organic weather in Regensburg and the surrounding area today:

This morning This afternoon
Terms and conditions 🟢 🟢
cardiovascular problems (hypotonia) 🟢 🟢
Circulatory problems (malaise, dizziness) 🟢 🟢
headache susceptibility 🟢 🟢
Cardiovascular problems (hypertensive) 🟢 🟢
cardiovascular problems 🟢 🟢
angina 🟢 🟢
Inflammatory rheumatism 🟢 🟢
degenerative rheumatism 🟢 🟢
asthma 🟢 🟢
psychological and mental performance 🟢 🟢
pain sensitivity 🟢 🟢
headaches and migraines 🟢 🟢
sleep quality 🟢 🟢
focus and performance 🟢 🟢
Irritability and restlessness 🟢 🟢
preparation for depression 🟢 🟢

🔵 = positive influence
🟢 = no influence
🟡 = low risk
🔴 = high risk

Thermal load:
this morning: none
this afternoon: none

Today’s recommendations for weather sensitivity

For general well-being, the cardiac and circulatory system, rheumatic conditions and asthma, there are the following recommendations: Outdoor exercise to strengthen the body’s defences.

Current pollen count in Regensburg

The pollen load today in Regensburg:

birch 🟢
grasses 🟢
ash 🟢

⚪ = no burden
🟢 = step by step load
🟡 = low load
🟠 = low to medium load
🟤 = average load
🔴 = medium to high load
⚫ = high load

+++ Editorial note: This text was created automatically based on current data from OpenWeather (TM) and the German Weather Service (DWD). data updates for organic weather and the pollen count is delivered by the DWD every day at 11:00 a.m. +++

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