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Food as Medicine: The sequel to this unique television format helps people who are nearly desperate with their massive health issues. The “Docs” Jörn Klasen, Matthias Riedl and Silja Schäfer, all experienced doctors, want to significantly improve symptoms and even cure diseases with targeted nutritional strategies.

In this new episode of “The Nutrition Docs”, Nicolas N. comes aboard the “Houseboat Practice”. For a long time he ignored his illness, suppressed the symptoms until he ended up in the hospital with atrial fibrillation on New Year’s Eve. The 38-year-old suffers from high blood pressure and regularly takes antihypertensives since the dramatic incident. His goal is to stop taking the pills. For the independent restaurateur to achieve this, he must lose weight. This is because fatty tissue raises blood pressure. “And the heart has to expend more and more energy to circulate the blood,” explains internist Jörn Klasen. To lose weight, burgers must fast two days a week, the other days they must eat Mediterranean cuisine: lots of vegetables, healthy oils, nuts, fish and seafood. It will not be easy for amateur pop singer. Will he be up to the challenge?

This young woman has to carry not one, but three heavy parcels: At just 23 years old, Talitha V. suffers from endometriosis, Crohn’s disease and acne. Inflammatory diseases take place in his abdomen, intestines and on the skin. The despair is great, Talitha V. feels abandoned by her doctors. Nutrition Doc Matthias Riedl takes care of her, wants to give the “hot woman” new courage to face life and already has some ideas. Because all their illnesses can be improved through nutrition. “You eat a lot of sugar and wheat every day. Both of these are powerful inflammation promoters,” he notes after a critical look at the Nutrition Journal. It needs a lot more anti-inflammatory fiber, which can be found in chicory, broccoli, fennel, and blueberries, among others. In addition, the young woman from the Hildesheim area should not only follow a diet low in histamine due to endometriosis, but also preferably light whole foods to protect her intestines. Will Talitha V. be able to heed all the advice and live a life with fewer ailments?

Because of his disease, Ingo H. was teased as a child: he suffers from psoriasis, also called psoriasis. When he addresses the nutrition papers, the reddened, inflamed and itchy patches of skin are clearly visible, especially on the stomach, groin, genitals and buttocks. A big problem: The 49-year-old from Drakenburg in Lower Saxony has lost trust in doctors and has not been to the dermatologist for over 30 years. A real emergency, this is how nutritionist Silja Schäfer sees it, who wants to restore confidence: “Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. We do not have time to lose ! She immediately creates a “nutrition battle plan” with the IT system administrator. Ingo H. needs to urgently lose weight first, because all that belly fat not only feeds the psoriasis, but also the joints with the inflammatory substances. Avoiding fast foods and many snacks during work is now a priority. Just like the introduction of vegetables to the menu. Silja Schäfer recommends intermittent fasting: eat only lunch and dinner and take a 16-hour break overnight. In addition, his new protégé should bring more movement to his daily life. Drastic measures, but Ingo H. realizes that there is urgency. And he is ready to implement the recommendations immediately. It requires a strong will. Will Ingo H. be able to take it up?


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