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Food as Medicine: The sequel to this unique television format helps people who are nearly desperate with their massive health issues. The “Docs” Viola Andresen, Silja Schäfer and Matthias Riedl, all experienced doctors, want to significantly improve symptoms and even cure diseases with targeted nutritional strategies.

In this new episode “The Nutrition Docs” comes Tom A. de Hatten aboard the “Houseboat Practice”. The passionate bus driver is threatened with professional consequences because of his overweight: his occupational doctor threatens to withdraw his bus driver’s license. Tom A. now wants to change his eating habits. Diabetologist Matthias Riedl also says: “You have high blood pressure and that at the age of 25.” Together with behavioral therapist Moritz Schäfer, he convinces Tom A. to start over: ready-to-eat products, sugary drinks and sausages, the first three on the list of unhealthy diets, are overtaken with immediate effect. To do justice to healthy eating even in stressful shift work, quick and easy recipes such as veggie bowls and homemade protein shakes are now on the menu, a new take on fast food. But will Tom be able to break his impasse and lose weight and blood pressure in the long term?

Pia O. has suffered from her illness since she was a child. The 28-year-old suffers from rheumatic psoriasis, has problems with open and bloody hands and feet, and applying lotion daily to the many problem areas isn’t really helping. For more than 17 years, she has been a “regular client” of various doctors without any improvement. She is so bad that sometimes she can only sleep sitting up. In her distress, she turns to nutritionist Silja Schäfer. She’s shocked at her omega-6 values ​​because they’re “not only glaring, but abysmal.” Silja Schäfer is keen to help and discusses her strategy with the young patient: now anti-inflammatory foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as fatty fish and algae oil, have priority on the native’s menu. from Kiel. In addition, due to an intolerance, she must do without foods rich in histamine and fructose. In addition, Silja Schäfer recommends practicing Tai Chi to make your joints more flexible again. Many at once. Pia O. faces a big challenge. Will she be able to control them?

Chronic intestinal inflammation turns Mirja P’s life upside down. Diarrhea and severe abdominal cramps are the order of the day for her. The discoveries of the last 21 years fill several files. The 36-year-old from Husum has already had 30 to 40 colonoscopies, but she no longer knows the exact number. Additionally, Mirja P. also suffers from chronic exhaustion, called fatigue. Stomach and intestine specialist Viola Andresen, new to the team of nutritionists, shows understanding for Mirja P., but also draws her attention to her counterproductive eating habits: “a lot of wheat, lots of fast carbohydrates and lots of sugar”. Although this energizes you, it wears off just as quickly and leads to even greater fatigue. This is where Viola Andresen comes in, recommending an anti-inflammatory diet. Instead of wheat products and sugary snacks, fish and lots of vegetables are now on the table to drive away fatigue and protect the intestines. Together with chef Marcus Scherer, Mirja P. discovers that healthy cooking is very easy, fun and at least as delicious as the beloved chocolate bar. But will the Schleswig-Holsteiner be able to sustainably apply healthy food and resist the many sugary temptations?


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