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Food as Medicine: The sequel to this unique television format helps people who are nearly desperate with their massive health issues. The “Docs” Anne Fleck, Matthias Riedl and Silja Schäfer, all experienced doctors, want to significantly improve symptoms and even cure diseases with targeted nutritional strategies.

Andy W. comes aboard the practical barge in this new episode of Diet Docs. He had a huge shock when he was diagnosed: fatty liver disease. “I would say it’s creeping death,” sums up the 42-year-old locomotive driver. Anne Fleck’s exam shows that 60-70% of her liver is fatty. “You can also see that your liver is inflamed,” explains the doctor. Dangerous cirrhosis of the liver is imminent. With a change in diet, the Docs hope to not only stop the inflammation, but also reduce the weight of the burger. Nocturnal trips to the refrigerator are now taboo, the opposite is on the program: intermittent fasting, two healthy meals in eight hours and eating nothing for 16 hours, nothing at all! This melts the fat in the liver. Andy W. is not enthusiastic at first, but is determined to change something. Not easy, because he works in shifts. Will it get there?

Melanie E. has registered her daughter Leyla with the nutrition doctor because she is very worried. The sugar metabolism of the 14-year-old girl from Neustadt am Rübenberge is disturbed, she already has incipient insulin resistance. Now the mother and daughter fear type 2 diabetes. They have been left completely alone with the diagnosis. Diabetologist Matthias Riedl wants to help and explains: “Your cells are practically insulin deaf.” Too much sugar remains in the blood, the weight increases. Leyla is afraid of the future and does not want to have regular injections. Matthias Riedl gives hope. Prerequisite: Leyla must radically change her diet. According to the food diary, the student is eating way too many carbohydrates. They should be reduced and the lack of energy made up for with plenty of vegetables and protein-rich foods. The goal is to reduce weight and improve insulin resistance. For a teenager, however, a big challenge. Can Leyla do it?

Pain in almost every part of the body, trouble sleeping, gastrointestinal problems and mental exhaustion are just some of the many symptoms of fibromyalgia that Michaela B. suffers from: “Sometimes I don’t like it anymore, everything is too much.” She had to give up her own delicatessen. The chronic exhaustion of the 54-year-old from Büdelsdorf is hardly surprising: Michaela has 41 of the 60 complaints listed in the pain index. Nutritionist Silja Schäfer also says, “You have too many omega-6 fatty acids in your body, which are partly responsible for your fibromyalgia pain.” Her therapy package includes: plant-based foods such as vegetables, legumes, seeds, herbs, spices and good oils and an additional six days of “mucus fasting”, Michaela should completely avoid processed foods. This should relieve your body and fight your fibromyalgia pain. Together with her husband, Michaela would like to start the project of a pain-free life as soon as possible.


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