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This is how you see the NDR show on TV and streaming – all airdates

NDR broadcaster’s “The Nutrition Docs” TV show helps with health issues of all kinds. You can find out the broadcast dates and stream availability from us.

The NDR program “The Nutrition Docs” helps people who are almost in despair about their health problems. With targeted nutrition, doctors treat the symptoms head-on.

As usual, you can find the release dates in our preview. The episodes are also available online in the ARD media library.

Nutrition documents

In a nutshell, the most important information about channels, broadcast times, broadcast dates and stream availability for The Nutrition Docs.

  • The Nutrition Docs airs on RBB
  • Nutrition Docs can be received as a feed
  • No new episodes will air in April and May
  • There are also no replays shown
  • Individual episodes are available in the media library

“The Nutrition Docs” Air Dates and Times

currently become no new Diet Docs episodes broadcast. However, you can watch reruns on TV. In principle, these work on RBB, but we also show you the broadcast dates of other stations here.


Fatty liver, sleep apnea and hypertension, MCAS

to 04/06/2022 about 21:00 The clock

In this new episode of “The Nutrition Docs” Maike V. comes aboard the “Houseboat Practice”. The 50-year-old suffers from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, like almost one in three adults in Germany. The liver tingles and presses every day, and nausea and headaches are also symptoms. His fatty liver index is 92, well above the 60 limit. develop,” warns internist Silja Schäfer. There is an urgent need for action for the gardener from Sülfeld in Schleswig-Holstein. Instead of lots of carbs and fructose, she should rely on a “flexitarian diet” to relieve the liver and give the organ a chance to regenerate. Concretely, this means that vegetarian and protein-rich foods, in particular, are now on the plate. Maike V. is very motivated, but the challenge is great. Will she conquer her inner bastard?

Mike B.’s wife battles sleepless nights and has even moved into the guest bedroom. The reason: your husband snores! It sounds harmless, but it’s not: the 47-year-old man from Helse near Dithmarschen suffers from sleep apnea, is overweight and suffers from high blood pressure. His wife is very worried and pushes for action: “I don’t want to wake up in the morning and there is someone next to me who is not breathing.” The concerns are justified, the sleep measurement showed 28 complete breathing pauses. Nutrition doc Matthias Riedl explains to the usher that in these phases of sleep apnea, blood pressure rises particularly sharply, despite medication. The nutrition diary shows what applies to Mike B.: The key is fast! That’s where Matthias Riedl comes in: no more fat-dripping burger patties, but oatmeal meatballs. Instead of fries from the deep fryer, pumpkin fries from the oven. Healthy and tasty, but still filling. This should help Mike B. lose weight and sustainably improve the quality of his sleep. Will he heal and bring his wife back to the marital bed?

Stefanie W. has had to deal with a whole host of symptoms since she was a child. Sudden diarrhea, numerous allergies and intolerances, exhaustion – the list can be continued at will. She suffers from Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, MCAS for short. The defense cells of the 52-year-old man from Rastede go astray and go haywire. Vacations are out of the question and she struggles to do her job as a dog trainer. Nutrition doctor Jörn Klasen knows the insidious syndrome only too well: “A patient once told me: For me, every day is like playing the lottery with symptoms. Stefanies W. follows a very one-sided diet for fear of the onset of symptoms. She eats gluten-free bread with chicken sausage every day and drinks ginger tea almost exclusively. This is where Jörn Klasen wants to attack: diversity instead of one-sidedness. He recommends a varied diet of fresh, anti-inflammatory foods such as good oils, fruits and vegetables, and fresh freshwater fish so as not to overwhelm immune cells. In addition, the woman from Lower Saxony should avoid histamine releasers. How will your body react to the diet change?

2022-04-06T21:00 2022-04-06T21:45 RBB


PCO syndrome, metabolic syndrome, restless legs syndrome

to 04/13/2022 about 21:00 The clock

In this new episode of “The Nutrition Docs”, Anja P. boards the “Houseboat Practice”. The 55-year-old woman is terrorized by her own body. She suffers from what is called restless leg syndrome. RLS is an incurable neurological disease that causes restlessness and sleep disturbances. The woman from Braunschweig simply cannot relax, because her legs torment her, especially at night, with tightness, tingling, burning and the urge to move – and this has been the case for more than 30 years. Nutrition doctor Jörn Klasen knows how badly people suffer from RLS and would like to help: “We need to rebalance your changed energy level”. And the best way to do this is to have a regular and more conscious diet: now the integrative school assistant must not only limit herself to three meals a day, but also completely avoid sugar for four weeks, because this n It’s not “nerve food”, as is often claimed, but particularly bad for the nerves. Will Anja P. finally find peace after the change and will she be able to sleep well at night again?

Oliver H. weighs heavy: the 34-year-old weighs 142 kilos. The consequences are a whole set of risk factors. The so-called “metabolic syndrome” is the dangerous combination of obesity, high blood pressure and high levels of fat and sugar in the blood. The young father was once a competitive athlete, but now needs frequent breaks when playing football with his son. Internist Anne Fleck gives hope, despite the many bad values: “You can also go back in time step by step.” But that is only possible with drastic changes for Wedel’s social worker. Anne Fleck bets on delicious recipes, wanting to get rid of the pounds of those who hate vegetables. But will Oliver H. accept the challenge?

Nadine S. is in a dangerous spiral. PCO syndrome is a hormonal disorder that only affects women. The 24-year-old bank employee was particularly affected. The vicious cycle of massive obesity, insulin resistance and hormonal imbalance makes weight loss virtually impossible. But that’s not all: if things do not improve quickly, the desire to have children of Nadine S. and her husband will not come true either. Nutrition doctor Matthias Riedl suspects that the intestinal flora could also play a role in his clinical picture. In order to promote the diversity of microorganisms in the intestine, the doctor recommends a diet rich in fiber with a lot of products based on whole grains, legumes and vegetables. Additionally, probiotic foods such as unsweetened yogurt or kefir should increase gut-friendly bacteria. Will Nadine S. be able to apply the strict instructions?

2022-04-13T21:00 2022-04-13T21:45 RBB


PCO syndrome, metabolic syndrome, restless legs syndrome

to 04/14/2022 about 00:45 The clock

Be blessed ·

2022-04-14T00:45 2022-04-14T01:30 RBB

More rehearsals in the next few days

Channel airtime result

27.04.2022 21:00

Hypertension, rheumatism, endometriosis 2022-04-27T21:00 2022-04-27T21:45 RBB In this new episode of The Nutrition Docs, Kjell B. comes aboard The Houseboat Practice. The only 24-year-old man has high blood pressure,…

04/28/2022 01:40

Hypertension, rheumatism, endometriosis 2022-04-28T01:40 2022-04-28T02:25 RBB Be blessed ·

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Nutrition Literature Preview / Spoilers

What’s next for The Nutrition Docs? You can read about it here in our overview. But beware: spoiler alert. If we have any information about upcoming episodes of Diet Docs, you’ll see them at the top of the schedule listing. Providers such as RTL+ and Joyn offer episodes of certain series and shows in their own live TV apps a few days before the TV broadcast. In this case, you can view them exclusively online beforehand.

This is how you see The Nutrition Docs in the live stream

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