Nutrition Doc: Long-term weight loss – why eating less is more

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Long-term weight loss – why less is more by eating

Nutrition Doc Matthias Riedl is the head of Medicum Hamburg and explains why long-term success is not achieved with diets.

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Nutrition Doc Matthias Riedl gives advice on how to achieve your ideal weight without dieting. He takes a critical look at the “body positive”.

Hamburg. Because strict 08/15 diets are not recommended, people need to develop a different strategy,” explains Dr Matthew Riedl, because no one wants and can permanently eat strictly reduced calories. “Diets don’t yield long-term success because the yo-yo effect reverses weight loss in a very short time. diets are a dead end,” explains the nutrition doc.

At this stage come the nutritional medicine in-game, which is currently enjoying particular success. “Everyone is always looking for the recipe for what to eat – the Dr. XY method. It was always a money filler. But this should be replaced, because this method does not exist. Otherwise I would also play with it if it really existed. Applying the scientific data we have now – and we have never known more than now – that is the heart of success,” says Riedl.

Doc Nutrition on diets: “Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden”

“What we have is change management based on the 20:80 principle. This is based on evidence from studies and our over 20 years of experience. We apply studies and can say with certainty that this is the secret of success, ”assures the expert. The principle is that small individual goals and changes have significantly greater long-term success. According to the nutritionist, only change what has a lot of leverage and what tastes good.

The basic principle is the preservation of quality of life and satiety as a maxim – unlike calorie saving or other diets. “Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden”, assures the nutritionist. “Little by little, the weight of well-being sets in.” But isn’t the feel-good weight something very individual? Anyone who thinks every pound of excess weight that makes you feel good should stay on your hips is wrong, Riedl says.

Nutrition Doc takes a critical look at “body positivity”.

“The question is, what is achievable? It doesn’t help if I punish myself with maximum demands and thus failure of the program according to the motto: if I don’t become a millionaire very quickly, then I won’t save at all. If I don’t become a model, I won’t do it at all. We have to get out of this all or nothing. Our job is to make people understand what a realistic goal is. What can you do?”

The nutritionist is quite critical of the “Body Positivity” movement, which advocates the abolition of unrealistic and discriminatory ideals of beauty. “It appeals to the vast market of frustrated dieters and offers absolution by saying: People, you can stay the way you are. This is a belated reaction to the diets of recent years and decades.

Nutrition Doc on the topic of weight loss: Weight should be healthy

“Food frustrated people gather there.” But if crooked teeth, visible scars or thin hair have no effect on health, it is often otherwise with excess pounds. And this is by no means the proverbial bikini figure that many longed for before summer vacation. “Of course you have to accept yourself and your body. But a feel-good weight is no longer acceptable when accompanied by illness.

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