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Moritz Bleibtreu, actor

Moritz Bleibtreu stars in the film adaptation of the Broadway classic “Caveman.”

He was a child actor in “News from Uhlenbusch” and then ran with Franka Potente in “Run Lola Run”. Since then, at the latest, he has not only been one of the leading German actors, but also works as a director: Moritz Bleibtreu. Now the Hamburger can be seen in the film adaptation of one of the most successful plays in Broadway history. Over fourteen million people have seen the play “Caveman” in over 55 countries and 25 different languages. The focus is on the relationship between men and women, which seems to be even more complicated in the civilized world than in the raw Stone Age. Moritz Bleibtreu plays protagonist Rob Becker, an unsuccessful car salesman who desperately wants to be an actor, so remarkably that he’s already been nominated for the “Jupiter Award.”

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Actor Moritz Bleibtreu © IMAGO / Future Image Photo: C. Hardt

Moritz Bleibtreu has many faces. The Hamburg actor turned 50 on August 13. Following

Julius Wake-up call, actor

Actor Julius Weckauf is a guest on the NDR talk show.  © NDR Television/ Uwe Ernst Photo: Uwe Ernst

In “The Three ??? – Legacy of the Dragon”, Julius Weckauf plays Justus Jonas.

This is his first role in front of the camera and then something very important: Julius Weckauf played the young Hape Kerkeling at the age of 10 in the hit film “Der Junge muss an diefrischen Luft”! The scene in which he says to the camera, pursed red lips, “I wish I had another eggnog, life has to go on somehow!” becomes a viral hit. The Niederrheiner received several awards for his role and has been able to choose his jobs ever since. Today, the 15-year-old has chosen a children’s entertainment classic: in “The Three ??? – Legacy of the Dragon”, he plays passionate amateur detective Justus Jonas, who finds himself in Transylvania with his two friends . On the NDR Talk Show, Julius Weckauf tells us which puzzles he would like to solve and whether the new movie star still sticks to his real career aspirations as a baker.

doctor Matthias Riedl, doctor and “Nutrition Doc”

Nutritionist Dr. Matthias Riedl is a guest on the NDR Talk Show on April 29, 2022. © NDR Fernsehen/ Uwe Ernst Photo: Uwe Ernst

The “Nutrition Docs” team with Dr. Matthias Riedl presents a new season of the successful format including a new podcast.

food is medicine Dr. Matthias Riedl, internist, nutritionist and diabetologist from Hamburg, is convinced of this. Its motto: actively prevent, relieve and even cure disease with the right diet and modern nutritional strategies. For ten years, this has also been the concept of the successful NDR series “The Nutrition Docs”, which Dr. Riedl together with his colleague Dr. Jörn Klasen and his colleague Silja Schäfer. The new season of the series starts now and the “E-Docs” have also concocted a new podcast. How to avoid getting sick from a bad diet is explained by Dr. Matthias Riedl on the NDR talk show.

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Portrait of the Nutrition Docs (from left to right) Dr. Joern Klasen, Dr. Silja Schäfer and Dr. Matthieu Riedl.  © ZS Verlag Photo: Claudia Timmann

Food as medicine: The Nutrition Docs helps people who are almost in despair over their massive health problems. Following

Robert Kreis, artist


Artist Robert Kreis is a guest at the NDR Talk Show on January 21, 2022. © NDR Fernsehen/Uwe Ernst Photo: Uwe Ernst

15 minutes

The 72-year-old brings the music and culture of the 20s and 30s to the stage, currently on the show “Weeds don’t go away”. 15 minutes

Artist Robert Kreis was one of the first artists to bring the music and culture of the 1920s and 1930s back to the stage decades later. He appears with a Menjou beard, pomade in his hair, and a proper tailcoat. In his private life, too, he likes the attitude to life and the humor of the times. Kreis is a master of entertainment, but he also has a mission: he wants to preserve the Jewish heritage of the Weimar period. The Dutch artist has lived in Berlin since 2008 and is tirelessly on the road with various programs on German stages. This year, he can celebrate his 50th birthday on stage. On the NDR Talk Show, the 73-year-old tells amusing anecdotes from his own life story and serves up musical cabinet pieces.

Elke Heidenreich, author

Author Elke Heidenreich is a guest on the NDR Talk Show on November 26, 2021. © NDR Fernsehen/Uwe Ernst Photo: Uwe Ernst

“Your happy eyes” is the title of the current volume of short stories by Elke Heidenreich.

Elke Heidenreich is a presenter, librettist, music lover, literary critic, she has been an innkeeper, editor, actress – and she is and remains a gifted storyteller. New stories from her can be found in her current bestseller “Your Happy Eyes”. Touching and poetic, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, she recounts her many discoveries and experiences during her travels. On the NDR Talk Show, Elke Heidenreich reveals how she will celebrate her 80th birthday on February 15, which trips she likes to rethink and what she has planned for the new year.

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Food from the 13th episode.  © NDR

Jan cooks the favorite dish shared by Hans Fallada and Elke Heidenreich. Daniel praises about 1,000 pages. And what was Robinson Crusoe’s real name? Following


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