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No basketball league is as big as the NBA. This is where the best basketball players in the world compete each year. The NBA’s grand finale of the season is the playoffs and subsequent finals.

The top 16 teams from the past season face off in the NBA playoffs. Eight teams are represented from both conferences (East and West). The six teams in each conference with the best win-loss ratio advance directly to the playoffs. Places seven through ten still have a chance to advance to the playoffs via the so-called play-in tournament.

The NBA Play-In Tournament

The Play-In tournament is the last chance for teams to qualify for the NBA Playoffs. Four teams play in three games for the final two playoff spots. Place seven and place eight in a conference game against each other. The winner gets the seventh “playoff seed.” The loser of the game plays the winner of the duel between ninth and tenth place. Thus, the play-in tournament makes the seventh and eighth seeds in the playoffs The participants have determined The three Play-In games will take place this year from April 12 to April 15!

The NBA playoffs

The eight playoff participants from each conference play in a knockout system to advance to the Finals. All playoff rounds will be best-of-seven. The first team to win four games advances to the next round. Which team competes against whom is determined as follows:

The conference’s “1st seed” (the team with the most regular season wins) faces the last team to qualify for the playoffs through playoffs. The second-best playoff team faces the seventh-best playoff team. plays against 6th place and 4th and 5th places play against each other.

In the second round of playoffs, only four teams per conference will play. The semi-finals of the playoffs are the so-called conference finals. The two winners of the games then face off in the NBA Finals.

The playoffs start on April 16 this year. The two participants in the final will then be known by May 30!

The NBA Finals

The NBA Finals begin on June 2 this year. Both conference winners are playing for the 2021/2022 NBA season title. In addition to the NBA title, the winner of the Finals also receives the coveted Larry O’Brien Championship trophy.


Since 1984, the winner of the NBA Finals has received the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Previously, the NBA was playing for the Walter A. Brown Trophy!


Unlike many European competitions, the NBA Finals will be played as a best-of-seven. This means that one team must win four times against the other to secure the NBA title.

The NBA champion has been crowned every year since 1950. Here is the list of teams that have won the title so far.

The NBA schedule

Dated phase
Until April 10 NBA regular season
12.04.-15.04. Play-In Tournament
16.04.-30.05. playoffs
02.06.-19.06. finals


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