McDonald’s is now introducing fitness bikes as seats

McDonalds: It’s behind viral videos on Instagram and TikTok with ergometers in branches

Is fast food unhealthy? A Chinese branch of McDonald’s no longer wants to do without it and has come up with an admittedly creative strategy: some individual seats with a table have been equipped with a fitness trainer. Here you can sit down and start pedaling while you eat your order at the same time. (Also read: McDonald’s – employees would never eat these products)

Eat fast food and do something for your fitness at the same time?

The stationary bikes signal to customers that they are doing something for their health even if they are eating fast food – a bizarre sight, as a video clip on social media shows. We see how a young woman treats herself to a burger and a coke while pedaling vigorously. The original video was uploaded by Instagrammer Cristiano13 on December 17, 2021 and quickly went viral around the world. Just three days later, the Hypefoods Instagram page picked it up. Here you can read some pretty amusing sayings about the fast food chain’s bizarre fitness facility. “Wasn’t that an episode of ‘Black Mirror’?” and “feeling less McGuilty” are just some of the thoughts users shared about the clip.

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McDonald’s: You really need to exercise so much to get rid of the calories

However, the comment “You would have to sit on the bike for seven to nine hours to train half the menu” sums up the problem well: because just with a Big Mac and a big portion of fries at McDonald’s, we have already almost 1,000 calories in our body to. There are also more calories – depending on the drink we choose and whether we eat ketchup or mayonnaise with the fries. (Also interesting: TikTok brings viral dishes directly to your home with a new delivery service)

Plenty for a meal, knowing that men should consume between 2,000 and 2,500 calories a day, depending on their age and lifestyle. For women, it’s even less – the average recommended calorie intake for them is 1,600-1,900. not a healthy diet.

Incidentally, an hour on the ergometer burns an average of 780 calories – provided you train regularly and hard. With the simple fitness equipment McDonald’s has installed in the Chinese branch, that should hardly be possible, especially since no one is likely to work out for an hour in a fast food joint anyway.


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