Man cancels fitness membership in August and has to burn €170 – reader

In Traun (Upper Austria), a fitness studio plunges one of its former clients to the brink of despair. The termination of the subscription cost the man dearly.

After a serious traffic accident, he saw himself “Today”-Reader Ramazan was forced in August to terminate his existing fitness contract with supplier ‘Clever fit’. Just a few months after signing his contract in March, which worked very easily, canceling his fitness subscription proved to be anything but simple.

Readers expect around 170 euros

The 58-year-old hasn’t been to the gym since the traffic accident. Therefore, Ramazan attempted to terminate his contract. In conversation with “Today” he described the gauntlet race to termination: “According to studio advertising, you can supposedly cancel every month, but even four months later, money was still being debited from my account.”

But it’s not just the monthly fee of 35 euros that has been deducted from Ramazan month after month: “The worst thing is that I was charged almost 30 euros for the activation of the subscription . Why do I have to look at the account first to find out? “, gets carried away the Upper Austrian in “Today”-talc. In total, the former client of Clever-fit must pay the modest sum of 169.90 euros for four months and the termination.

Studio talks about an enlightened misunderstanding

On request from “Today” the fitness branch of Traun was able to confirm the facts. “The member canceled their membership through a cancellation and subscription company, which charges a fee to do so.” However, the company is not affiliated with the gym. However, Clever-fit never obtained the termination of the contract, it is said.

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“Cancellations, which are sent directly to our company, are always free of charge,” explains an employee of the membership administration at Traun. “After contacting the client, we were able to clear up the misunderstanding together and end the membership in time,” the fitness channel summed up.

For Ramazan, this statement is not satisfactory: “The misunderstanding has not been cleared up because I am expecting 170 euros. I cannot recommend such ordeals to anyone,” said the angry Upper Austrian. After all, the 58-year-old recovered the sum of 29.90 euros.

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