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For most, losing weight goes hand in hand with giving up. Affected people are very strict with themselves on a diet and do not allow themselves much freedom. This article shows why it’s not necessarily the best method and how you can effectively lose weight without giving up and starving yourself.

Why giving up is a drag on dieting
Anyone who is on a diet has to point it out again and again to those around them. Someone at the office brings cake, but you’re the only one who doesn’t take it. Also, you can only order salad at the restaurant, while others enjoy pizza. However, your partner may also insist that there is something “good” to eat and you have to see for yourself how he likes it while you go without.

All this leads to fundamental dissatisfaction, which for many has already led to an early termination of the diet. The result: you no longer stick to the nutritional plan and can treat yourself even more than before. After all, you deserve it – or so you think.

It is not without reason that diets often have a so-called cheat day. You can eat whatever you want that day. Thus, cheat day is often seen as a diet saver. He helps a lot to stay on the ball and not get frustrated too quickly.

If you just do without it, you risk voracious appetite attacks. This is what can wipe out the gains of weeks of fasting in five minutes. So doing without it is not the best way to really lose weight.

Lose weight without giving up – what are the possibilities
“If you want to be beautiful, you must suffer.” You hear this over and over again, which is why the assumption has arisen in many minds that you can only lose weight if you starve and do without it. But there are also ways to lose weight without suffering. How does this work?

A popular method is to count calories. The first step is to determine the optimal number of calories you need to consume to reach your desired weight. You don’t fall below the basal metabolic rate the body needs to maintain its functions. This is individual and depends on age, weight, height and gender. You then strictly adhere to the specified number of calories, but you can decide for yourself what you eat.

You can also lose weight effectively with a balanced diet. Here the renunciation consists only in not consuming fast food or ready meals. Most of the cooking is done on site, so you know exactly what’s in the food. It is important to replace wheat products with whole grain products and to consume plenty of protein. Fruits, vegetables and legumes are also welcome. So you can eat enough, not be hungry and lose weight.

Tips to lose weight without giving up
Anyone who relies on a healthy diet or a diet program that allows you to eat normally should take a few tips to heart. Because often not only what we eat is important, but also how we eat.

Many no longer know when they are full. The feeling of satiety simply no longer sets in. This may be the result of inattentive eating. It is therefore important to avoid distractions such as the smartphone or television when eating and to listen carefully to your body. As soon as you feel full, you should stop eating. The body does not need more. Whatever you eat next, it absorbs in reserve and stores it in fat cells.

Another useful tip is to get enough exercise. Anyone who does sedentary work knows this: you don’t really move and you keep gaining weight. It is therefore important to bring variety into everyday life.

Regular exercise helps burn calories so the extra pounds don’t even pile on. Maybe you can go for a run before work or hit the gym after work. Many also combine commuting with physical activity and choose to walk or cycle instead of driving.

Alcohol consumption is also a common cause of weight gain. Instead of sweet lemonades or fruit juices, water and tea should be on the menu. Experts recommend drinking between two and three liters of water a day. It not only helps to lose weight, but is also very healthy.

Going without it is often not very conducive to the weight loss plan. Nevertheless, it is often advised to those affected, which is why one achieves only slow or no success. Anyone who ensures a healthy lifestyle manages to lose weight without giving up or starving and being satisfied with the desired weight.

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