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If you enter “lose weight without giving up” into your trusted search engine, you get nearly 900,000 results. Many advertise with enticing offers such as “lose weight in no time with just one trick” or “a dream figure in 14 days”. This all sounds incredibly promising, but the problem is that these promises are often based on unhealthy diets that make you starve. Even if you then lose “10 kilos in just 10 days”, the joy of living usually comes with it. After two weeks, you are fed up with starvation and do one thing: eat. The pounds are back on your hips faster than you can say “diet zero.” And bring friends with you. However, we can give you a glimmer of hope and tell you:

Losing weight without giving up is possible!

The important thing is that weight loss is healthy and sustainable only if it happens slowly and in a controlled way. This means? Anyone who swears they will never eat chocolate again but is actually a chocolate addict will fail. Anyone who gives up pasta completely, even if it was their favorite dish, will fail. Anyone who decides to run at least 5 kilometers every morning from now on and without prior training and acute morning grumpiness will fail.

So now we’ve told you how not to. How are you now ?

Tips for losing weight without giving up:

Become aware of your eating habits.
To start losing weight, you must first be clear about your current condition. That is: Ask yourself three questions and write down the answers.

What are you eating? Often we don’t even realize how much we are actually eating. After lunch, a piece of chocolate for dessert, then a bar of muesli to quench your hunger, some biscuits with your coffee. What doesn’t seem like much at first glance adds up.

When do you eat ? Keep your eyes peeled to see if you have set meal times and are eating enough at those times. If you consider a handful of tomatoes a complete meal, you’ll be hungry an hour later and you’ll reach the ready dish faster.

why are you eating out of boredom? Out of frustration? The point is, if hunger isn’t the problem, eating isn’t the solution. Make sure you really only eat when you’re hungry.

Change in diet – healthy foods and no “dieting”.
To lose weight without giving up and not being a victim of the yo-yo effect, you have to gradually (not too abruptly! If you are overwhelmed, you are more likely to give up!) Diet. Concretely, a healthy diet means: Consuming more alkaline foods rich in vitamins and minerals and less unhealthy foods (white flour, sugar, cola, etc.). “Less” does not mean a hundred percent sacrifice. Even these “bad” foods can be eaten. You shouldn’t be hungry either. The following advice will help you here:

Don’t remove food, add it.
The way you think about things has a huge impact on whether or not they work. So when you fill your plate at night, try not to think, “I can’t eat so much pasta because it’s not healthy!” but rather: “I should have a little more broccoli.” It keeps me satiated longer. You’ll be amazed at how big a difference such small changes can make. Don’t eat less of the “bad” stuff, eat more of the “good” stuff.

So you see: Losing weight without giving up is not difficult! But in the contrary :

Losing weight without giving up is the easiest and healthiest way to lose weight!

If the subject interests you, we have some great book recommendations for you. In these guides you will get even more tips on how to lose weight without giving up and you will also learn a lot about nutrition and your body.

  • Belly Design – Taboo BB Brown
  • Lose weight with charm – Dantse Dantse

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