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From: Juliane Gutman


Do you need a flat stomach to be happy with your figure in a bikini? Then you might be interested in this trick, which is quite easy to implement – ​​there is only one flaw.

Men in particular are often affected by the easy belly, which many cannot get rid of even with exercise and a healthy diet.

Researchers now agree that stress also plays a role: stress and the associated increase in cortisol levels ensures that the body does not break down belly fat. If you want to lose weight, you must therefore incorporate enough relaxation breaks into your daily life. Healthy sleep is also essential: only those who sleep well can start the day relaxed, which also has a positive effect on the metabolism.

Tea is said to work wonders: especially if you drink it in the evening. © Kantaruk Agnieszka/Imago

This habit before bed makes you lose weight

A simple habit can help you get a good night’s sleep and relax: try a cup of tea before bed. But not all teas are suitable: avoid stimulating teas such as black tea or green tea. Better is rooibos, peppermint or chamomile tea, as well as cinnamon tea preparations, such as the UK news portal shimmer reported. You can read more tips for relaxed sleep on 24garten.de.

The evening tea ritual should not only help disconnect from a stressful day: it should also lower cortisol levels, which helps burn fat. Excess cortisol in the blood is also believed to promote the release of a hormone that fuels hunger.

The evening tea ritual has one downside: you will most likely have to go to the bathroom at night.

Instead of tea: ginger water also supports the diet

Ginger drinks play an important role in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Indian medicine (Ayurveda). The active ingredients of the root unfold the Friborg university hospital anti-inflammatory effect, activate intestinal activity and were even effective against various viruses in laboratory tests.

He can make tea with ginger OKAY also support dieting. Green tea, oolong, mint, ginger or dandelion can boost fat burning in various ways and reduce cravings for sweets, according to health insurance companies.

Make ginger water yourself: instructions

“A cup or two of fresh ginger tea in the morning boosts metabolism and promotes detoxification,” recommends Gabriele Braun, a medical specialist in Ayurveda, on her website. She advises preparing the ginger water as follows to make the best use of all the active ingredients:

  • Bring 0.5 liters of water to a boil.
  • Cut two to three centimeters of organic ginger root into thin slices and simmer in water for ten minutes.
  • Leave to cool slightly and drink in small sips before breakfast or until about ten o’clock in the morning. Due to the stimulating effect, late consumption may have a negative effect on the sleep of sensitive people.

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