Lose weight quickly with the power duo: this combination is unbeatable

Many want to lose weight quickly. Researchers have now discovered the most effective way to do this. imago images/Panthermedia

What happens when you combine two very recent food trends? According to a new study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, you get an unparalleled synergistic health benefit. If you want to lose weight fast, you should read now. Because here is the power duo for rapid weight loss.

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The thing is, hardly anyone has the time to run endurance hours these days. Therefore, the trend of HIIT training is becoming more and more popular. This high-intensity interval training gets the body working efficiently in no time and is perfect for anyone who always uses lack of time as an excuse for not getting enough exercise.

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Fast, High Intensity Training: The trend of HIIT training helps you lose weight fast.
Fast, High Intensity Training: The trend of HIIT training helps you lose weight fast. imago images/Cavan Images

Intermittent fasting has also been very popular for quite some time. Intermittent fasting is perhaps the biggest weight loss hype today. And somehow everyone seems to find the form that suits them. For example this: 8:16 a.m. – so eat only high-calorie foods for eight hours a day, fasting for 16 hours. Scientifically, the method is (still) controversial.

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The combination ensures rapid weight loss success

But what happens when you combine the two trends? That’s the question exercise biologist Professor John Hawley and Dr. Trine Moholdt of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology will answer.

For their study, 131 overweight women were randomly divided into four groups. One group practiced intermittent fasting for seven weeks – consuming all of their nutrients within a 10-hour window of their choosing. Another group did HIIT workouts three times a week for 35 minutes. The third group combined the two and the fourth acted as a control group.

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Intermittent fasting to lose weight quickly?  In combination with HIIT workouts, it's unbeatable.
Intermittent fasting to lose weight quickly? In combination with HIIT workouts, it’s unbeatable. IMAGO/Westend61

Researchers meticulously measured the women before and after the study and performed health checks on all participants. They found that the group taking the powerful intermittent fasting and HIIT training duo not only improved their nighttime blood sugar levels, but also reduced visceral fat and significantly increased endurance. In addition: The HbA1c value, which describes the blood sugar level over the past eight weeks, has developed decisively and positively.

“This score only improved in the combo group, which is surprising since I would have expected pure intermittent fasting or pure HIIT training to do the same. So there are mostly synergistic effects” , explains Professor John Hawley.

Reasons to Lose Weight Fast with HIIT and Intermittent Fasting

Professor Leonie Heilbronn of the University of Adelaide, considered an expert on intermittent fasting, is also surprised. “It definitely appears that HIIT training and intermittent fasting are more beneficial for weight and fat mass than HIIT training or intermittent fasting alone.”

It is not yet clear whether these effects are the result of a greater energy deficit because the two approaches have been combined. Or if “different stimuli have been activated in order to be synergistic in the effects”, she adds.

The leader of the study, Professor John Hawley, also has another approach to justify this: what is certain is that people who practice intermittent fasting tend to skip snacks after dinner or the glass of additional wine. Two key factors when it comes to weight. “These small, subtle changes actually make such a big difference, especially over eight weeks. It all adds up,” explains the researcher.

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