Lose weight easily – home remedy drops extra pounds

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Lose weight without giving up? A study brings new results. Experts are studying the effect of vinegar on weight loss.

Frankfurt – Losing weight is not easy. Once the pounds have set in, it’s usually hard to get rid of. Many diets and weight loss products promise quick and above all simple solutions.

The apple cider vinegar trick should also be easy. And best of all: the plan contains no waivers. What the research says about losing weight with vinegar and what to watch out for. Losing weight without giving up seems tempting. Researchers have found in animal studies that acetic acid can reduce fat accumulation. Is it also possible for humans to melt fat with vinegar? Researchers in Japan tested this in a study with 155 overweight participants. Apple cider vinegar was used because of its taste.

Lose Weight Easily with Apple Cider Vinegar: Study Shows New and Remarkable Results

They divided their subjects into three groups. The first received only a placebo, the second a small dose of vinegar and the third a relatively large dose. For a total of twelve weeks, study participants drank 250 milliliters of water after breakfast and dinner. According to the group, there was either a substitute that tasted like vinegar in the water, or a certain amount of apple cider vinegar. With amazing results.

Lose weight easily? Apple cider vinegar is said to have amazing effects.

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Lose weight with apple cider vinegar and without giving up? The study gives new results

Subjects were asked to record in a diet book how much they exercised and what they ate. Her weight, blood pressure, BMI and hip circumference were measured again and again. In addition, they must consume a maximum of 25 milliliters of alcohol per day and no other vinegar. Participants should maintain their normal lifestyle as much as possible. The assessment showed that the different groups did not differ significantly from each other in terms of daily exercise and dietary habits.

Lose weight with apple cider vinegar: a study examines the influence on those tested

The daily consumption of vinegar was indeed felt in the test subjects. Participants who consumed the most apple cider vinegar had the most success in losing weight and also experienced the greatest reductions in weight and waist circumference. Additionally, their results indicated that vinegar may also have an antihypertensive effect. Although weight loss is only in the range of one to two kilograms, previous studies have shown that even a small loss has a positive effect on health, the researchers report. Just 15 milliliters of vinegar a day would help achieve these positive effects.

Other tricks can also help get rid of excess pounds. For example, a tiktoker promotes a rice paper diet. The plus: Because the meals are pre-wrapped in paper, you eat the same thing, but in a smaller portion. Plus, the rice paper also fills you up without having a lot of calories. Oatmeal or the right fruit can also help shed a few pounds. (in slow motion)

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