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Lose weight with the Nordic diet

For years, the Mediterranean diet has been considered the model of a balanced diet. But it has effective competition: The New Nordic Diet. This accommodates taste preferences and local products and makes the transition to a balanced lifestyle even easier. she just didn’t help Losing weightbut also to lower cholesterol.

The Nordic diet is a diet based on the Mediterranean diet, but based on regional foods typical of Northern Europe. Due to its similar nutritional profile, it offers similar health benefits to the Mediterranean diet, reports the Associations for Independent Health Advice (UGB) on their website.

Plant foods are the most important source of energy

As the Federal Nutrition Center (BZfE) explains in a recent press release, the New Nordic Diet was developed by a committee (Nordic Food Policy Lab) and first published in 2010 to improve nutritional guidelines. and increase the use of regional foods and sustainable foods.

The diet is therefore based on traditional foods from northern European countries. The most important components are whole grains (especially rye, barley and oats), fruits (especially berries as well as apples and pears), root vegetables (especially beets, carrots, turnips), fatty fish (especially salmon, tuna, mackerel), vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

This also includes rapeseed, sunflower and linseed oil as well as legumes, fresh and wild herbs, mushrooms, nuts, mussels and seaweed.

The most important energy source This diet consists of plant foods. A moderate consumption of meat is recommended, whether wild or from a breeding adapted to the species. For example, the recommended amount of meat contains 30-40% less meat than the “average Danish meal”. Fish is on the table three times a week. The proportion of food from organic farming should be as high as possible.

According to a report published by Cambridge University Press (UK), there is also an emphasis on local produce to minimize the transport of food, thus minimizing the negative impact of transport on the environment.

In addition, the Nordic diet relies on traditional and sweet foods preparation methods such as cooking at low temperature in the casserole dish or the oven, and fermenting fish and vegetables.

Health Benefits

And how does the New Nordic Diet affect health? About the Mediterranean diet and its impact on Healthor a reduced rate of cardiovascular events, there are already a large number of studies.

In contrast, little is known about the Nordic diet. Maybe it’s because they are still relatively young is published.

According to nutritionist Courtney Barth, however, it is clear that this diet can have positive health effects by emphasizing whole foods such as fruits and vegetables. In an article by the famous Cleveland Clinic (USA), the expert lists some potential benefits.

According to them, the Nordic diet can help reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, lower cholesterol and arterial pressure reduce and promote weight loss.

And the BZfE finally writes: The high proportion of plant-based foods with grain products, vegetables, fruits and herbs ensures a good supply of fiber, secondary plant substances, vitamins and minerals, recommended fatty acids and sufficient protein. (ad)

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