Lisha and Lou looked so different 12 years ago

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Lisha and Lou have been a couple for twelve years. During this time, the two have grown together and also changed optically. This is proven by a photo from the time when today’s “Goodbye Germany” emigrants got to know each other.

Mallorca – Lisha remembers on Instagram. “It all started with a DVD evening”, writes the emigrant “Goodbye Germany”. “We both woke up in the morning and didn’t know that morning that we would run into each other in the evening,” she recalled of the night she met. For her, December 15 is the day everything changed.

Twelve years together and already lived a lot

Over the past twelve years, the reality stars have been through a lot together. They created a YouTube channel together sharing fashion inspirations, cooking recipes and other fun topics. In 2020, they participated in the “Summer House of the Stars” together, where Lisha mainly stood out because of her outbursts. And in the summer of 2021, the couple emigrated to Mallorca accompanied by “Goodbye Germany” and got married on the island.

Lisha and Lou twelve years ago (left) and today. © Instagram/Lisha & Lou

But a lot has also happened optically since 2010. Lisha’s weight increased and then fell sharply – so much so that the fans were already worried. And her breasts first got bigger, then smaller when Lisha had the implants cut in half. The influencer is a fan of cosmetic procedures and does not hide it. A photo from earlier now shows the ‘Goodbye Germany’ emigrant had her lips sprayed twelve years ago.

Lisha has changed a lot visually

Lisha apparently receives hate messages for the photo. His fans have been accusing him of worrying too much ever since. In her story, Lisha defends herself: “On the left, my lips are four times bigger than today, my breasts are twice as big, the hyaluronic acid in the cheeks, which disappeared today. I was much better then I didn’t am today!

Just a few months ago, Lisha had slender curves. But the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant has already lost more than 21 kilograms thanks to a strict diet. Lisha has now admitted, “The ass is gone.” Sources used: Instagram/Lisha & Lou

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