Lisa Federle, Sibylle Berg and Perry Rhodan

Second Newcomer to Fiction (Hardcover) – new at number 24 – is a longtime SF favorite: Perry Rhodan With “In the Garden of ESTARTU” (Pabel-Moewig; Release date: May 6), now volume 158 of the silver series. Pabel-Moewig is part of the Bauer Media Group. The current volume goes into the twelve galaxies of the Estartu superintelligence. Instead of cosmic wonders, newcomers, humans and other galactic people, encounter the ruthless regime of the Eternal Warriors 40 million light-years from the Milky Way. As Reginald Bull, Perry Rhodan’s oldest friend, follows in the footsteps of a resistance organization, Rhodan’s son, Roi Danton, and his companion Ronald Tekener arrive – and learn the secret of superintelligence…

” To be printed 8,000 to 10,000 copieswhich sell out pretty quickly,” says the editor-in-chief Klaus N Frick to the online stock market newspaper, “then we will reprint it”. Silver volumes are published four times a year. The edition varies a bit.

Perry Rhodan’s books (hardcover) contain five to ten novels from previous decades, Frick explains, “which, for example, were written and published in the current book in the 1980s.” The processor Rainer Nagel take the classics that come from different authors and edit them; this creates a more compact plot. Attention is paid to a modern reproduction. For example, elements of the original booklets would be deleted or slightly modified.

  • Volume 158 of 400 pages contains the following booklets: “The message of the Elfahder” (1294), “The new Sotho” (1295), “Intrigues between the stars” (1296), “Duel of the Sothos” (1297), ” The Aquamarine Gorim” (1298) and “In the garden of ESTARTU” (1299).

Are there always new generations of readers for titles – or does it live on through regular readership? “Both and. We have a faithful regular readershipbut with new products and series – like our mini-series – we always realize proofreader or awaken in former readers the desire to start over with Perry Rhodan. miniseries, which are self-contained and include twelve novels, are published once a year. There are also stand-alone stories that also take place in the Perry Rhodan universe and “are specifically aimed, through design and content appeal to a younger audience“.

And Frick continues: “In general, we pay attention to our Perry Rhodan novels as well as New release Perry Rhodan Neo about incorporating current scientific and astronomical discoveries.” This makes for a modern science fiction series for younger audiences.

This apparently explains the decades-long success. Perry Rhodan is since 1961 traveling in space: “To date, 3,168 novels have been published, on Friday it will be published Volume 3169“, says Janina Zimmer. There would be about 450 paperbacksapproximately 280 novels by Perry Rhodan NeoGood 950 volumes of Atlan And so on. The entire work consists of nearly 5,000 novels. One thing is clear with such a crowd: the total edition is difficult to grasp. “We sometimes have One billion said what seemed realistic to us; today, of course, there should be more”, believes the editor.


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