Letizia of Spain: the hard sports plan of the Queen

Wherever Letizia from Spain (49) appears, she is admired for her perfect figure. The wife of King Felipe (54) does not have an ounce of fat on her body, is muscular and yet feminine. What fascinates most, however, is the fact that in addition to her time-consuming workout concept, Letizia is also a mother of two – and running a country! Anyone who takes a closer look at the native journalist’s level of training quickly realizes that her dream body is no accident. On the contrary: The Royal requires a lot of effort to stay in shape.

You can see the glamorous look Letizia recently amazed royal fans with in the video!

Queen Letizia: Daily sport and a lot of sacrifices as the price for a perfect figure

Several insiders have already spoken about the queen’s training efforts and provided insight into her huge training schedule. It is said that Letizia does sports seven days a week. However, she does not leave the house for this, because in the Zarzuela Palace, where she lives with Felipe, Leonor (16) and Sofia (15), there has a gym for the monarch. Before the sporty gunboat devotes herself to bodybuilding – according to experts, Letizia trains a lot with weights – she goes for a long jog in the castle garden. She should also box regularly to strengthen her muscles. To relax after a workout, she prefers yoga. In addition, their sports sessions are supervised by a personal trainer, who also comes to the palace almost every day.

You can see the result of Letizia’s hard physical effort in the gallery!

Letizia from Spain: sugar is taboo

Even if the Spanish queen could certainly afford one or the other sin with her perfect body: Letizia prefers to do without it. Extra sugar is an absolute taboo. Of course, the Spanish royal family has a whole team around them who can cook and pamper them, but the active queen prefers to cook herself. Which is absolutely not on the plate either, with the chocolate et al., it’s the sausages. From time to time, the Royals give themselves a break. Whenever Felipe and his family need a break, Marivent Palace is the place to be. The royal family can relax wonderfully on the holiday island of Mallorca. But she definitely still does sports there…

What does Letizia and Felipe’s summer paradise look like? Don’t hesitate to watch the video!

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