Lauterbach: Corona quarantine from May 1 only voluntary

05/04/2022 – 08:28

But “highly recommended”
Lauterbach: Isolation in case of corona infection will only be voluntary from May 1

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According to Karl Lauterbach, the quarantine rules should be “voluntary” from May 1.

Anyone who tests positive for the corona virus after May 1 no longer has to self-isolate. This was announced by Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. However, there is an exception.

The number of corona infections remains at a high level and yet, despite numerous warnings, the general obligation to wear masks in most areas of daily life ended on Sunday in almost all federal states. Corona rules such as 2G-plus, 2G and 3G are also a thing of the past in many places. Another regulation may be omitted in the future. Because strong According to Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD), quarantine in the event of corona infection should only take place on a voluntary basis from May 1.

Lauterbach: Voluntary isolation from May

From May 1, people infected with corona will no longer have to quarantine themselves. From now on, new quarantine and isolation rules should only be “voluntary”, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said on Monday after the meeting of federal and state health ministers. “The current regulations work, but they are not necessary in the long term,” explains Lauterbach. From May, a procedure “which is largely based on voluntary service” should therefore come into force. According to the Minister of Health, the new regulations should apply equally to people infected with and without symptoms.

It is then only “strongly recommended” for infected people and contacts to quarantine themselves for five days and to test themselves freely once the period has elapsed. Contact persons of people infected with the coronavirus are also “strongly recommended” to self-quarantine for five days. However, the new regulation should not apply to all citizens. Previous quarantine and isolation rules should continue to apply to infected employees in the medical field. But there’s something new: you can end your home isolation after five days with a negative rapid or PCR test.

Lauterbach: “Turning point” in Corona case numbers

With regard to the current pandemic situation, however, Lauterbach makes it very clear that the corona situation is still tense and the green light cannot be given. However, it is a positive sign that “the turning point seems to have been reached” in the increase in the number of cases. So they always went back there. The extension of the existing protection rules until April 2 has made a significant contribution. But one wonders if this will remain the case. Because on Sunday some corona restrictions in everyday life fell in many federal states. For example, the mandatory wearing of mouth and nose protection has been abandoned in many areas.

A circumstance that the Minister of Health does not welcome. He criticizes the fact that only Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Hamburg have made use of the “hotspot rule”. Because it allows for more extensive protection requirements, including more mask requirements, if the state government determines a critical infection situation. Regardless of this, businesses and institutions can prescribe their own regulations based on domiciliation rights.

Next step towards personal responsibility

According to Bavarian Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU), the new quarantine and isolation rules should pave the way for a further step towards personal responsibility. “I call on people to be aware of this responsibility,” warns Holetschek. But before the new regulations come into force in May, there are still some important questions to be clarified – for example with regard to loss of income or sick leave. Federal and state governments need to agree on a common path as soon as possible.


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