Jan Bahmann reveals 3 ways: This is how you get the desired figure despite menopause

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Jan Bahmann, weight loss coach, helps women achieve their wellness figure. Her firm belief is that successful weight loss always happens on many levels. So not only weight loss is important, but also a new awareness. In this article, Jan Bahmann specifically addresses women in menopause. It gives advice on how to achieve the desired figure despite the challenges of this phase of life.

Many women going through menopause know the problem: they gain a lot of weight and when they try to lose weight, it doesn’t really work. One of the reasons for this is changes at the hormonal level, which also affect the metabolism. Jan Bahmann knows the problem that women in this situation describe to him every day. The fitness and nutrition expert advises more than a hundred women in this age group every year and therefore knows the issues. And yet, he knows from many experiences with his clients that, despite changing circumstances, it is possible to lose weight during menopause. Because in fact – and many women don’t know this – menopause is only a small part of successful weight loss.

Point 1: Menopause is not the end of the feel-good weight

The bad news is that menopause is not a reason to rest on extra pounds. The good news is that menopause accounts for only 10-20% of factors affecting metabolism. So, in general, it can be said that menopause does not completely inhibit weight loss. On the contrary, because other factors such as an adapted nutritional strategy or daily active physical activity have a much greater influence than hormonal changes. Even women severely affected by menopause can therefore have a major impact on their weight and are not fighting a losing battle. Because the rest of the determinants are the same for a woman in menopause as, for example, for a woman in her thirties.

Jan Bahmann considers women’s mindset when it comes to weight loss to be the most important factor. Do I like to take care of myself, stay in shape and do something for my shape? Or do I view healthy eating as a painful sacrifice and exercise as a punishment? If you bring a positive mindset with you, you can focus with energy and joy on the set screws that bring success. Menopause plays a certain role, but not the only one.

Point 2: Support the metabolism with a protein-rich diet

With menopause, progesterone levels drop, as do estrogen levels. This slows down the metabolism, which makes it harder to lose weight. A doctor must decide whether it makes sense to use hormones in the form of drugs, it is not always necessary. In general, however, menopause is part of the natural aging process, and a high-protein diet solves many problems. As you age, you should eat plenty of protein, and supporting your health with strength training is especially important during menopause.

Falling hormones make women susceptible to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is one of the rampant bone diseases and can lead to unstable and porous bones. However, this danger can be actively counteracted with an individual training program that includes gentle strength training. This not only strengthens the bones, but also promotes muscle growth and increases calorie needs. These positive effects are reinforced by a protein-rich diet. Exercising in the gym has another positive effect: many women complain of sleep disturbances during menopause. Getting plenty of exercise and an active day will help reduce stress and help you sleep better at night. If you start the day well rested, you feel fit, burn more calories and can better utilize protein.

Point 3: Accept hormonal changes

Menopause, like puberty, is a completely natural process that heralds a new phase in life. This change is controlled by hormones, the whole relationship between hormones is slightly shifted. As estrogen levels decrease, testosterone levels increase in proportion. As a result, the fat distribution shifts. Women who have been trying to get rid of fat on their thighs for a long time are suddenly faced with a new problem: the accumulation of abdominal fat during menopause. Belly fat can be very stubborn. This change naturally alters the entire figure, which can make women feel temporarily out of place with their bodies.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about belly fat. Even in their 50s, people can lose weight just as easily as they can in their 30s, as long as they follow the right diet and fitness routines. However, Jan Bahmann finds it particularly important that his clients accept natural changes. “Anyone who puts themselves in competition with their 20-year-old body is putting unnecessary pressure on themselves,” the expert knows from numerous conversations with his clients. Self-acceptance and expectation of the next phase of life protect the body from stress – because it is not good for the metabolism.

Do you want to reduce your weight during menopause and adopt a health-oriented lifestyle – without giving up the joys of everyday life? Contact Jan Bahmann now and make an appointment.

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