Jamie Oliver’s £1 wonders: The cheap meal show sparks outrage

British TV chef Jamie Oliver showcases dishes that cost just £1 a serving on his new show. However, the show drew a lot of criticism online. This had to do partly with the ingredients and partly with Oliver’s credibility.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has cooked all sorts of complicated dishes on camera. The recipes he simmers in his new show must be above all one thing: cheap. £1 Wonders by Jamie Oliver is broadcast on UK Channel 4. The concept of the programme: A serving should only cost one pound sterling, or around 1.16 euros.

Just like in Germany, energy and food costs are a big issue in the UK at the moment – prices there have risen more sharply in the last few months than they have in the past 40 last years. Inflation is above 10%. This has a major impact on the population: the Tagesschau reported at the beginning of September on a study according to which one in five Britons will soon be affected by poverty could.

Jamie Oliver’s new show is still not well received by many viewers. Right after the first episode, Twitter users complained online that the show “cynical‘ be. Oliver’s cost accounting is busted – and many successful and therefore wealthy star chefs can’t quite believe his advice for ‘cheap cooking’.

‘Jamie Oliver’s £1 Wonders’ review: Significantly more expensive ingredients

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, the head of British television Jamie Oliver has a fortune of 240 million pounds, or about 279 million euros. His new show is about cooking on a shoestring – but his viewers aren’t really buying that from the celebrity chef. “I love the show”, we write for example user on Twitter, “but a millionaire telling me that frozen broccoli is cheaper seems a little weird.

There was also criticism that the ingredients needed for cooking were quite expensive. Oliver explained on the show that he used the average price in UK supermarkets to calculate the cost of £1 per serving. Only salt, pepper and oil would be priceless.

A user cites a recipe calling for 50 grams of cheese – at an estimated cost of 33p. “Yes, Jamie, but you have to buy the whole block of cheese. When people have financial problems, they have to consider the cost of the whole item. And then you have to make sure you use everything to make it worth buying. user wondered where he could get chicken thighs for £1.89 – and what kind of meat it was.

But there are also fans championing the show’s concept on Twitter. A user explains, “Of course, you can’t just buy a pinch of spice or a slice of cheese, but if you [den Rest] used in other recipes, it works!

A one pound meal is prepared in 300 pound units

An article quoted by the Daily Mail in its cover glosses over Jamie Oliver doing his “typical pub grub” but with a “cynical poverty shoot“. The spacious kitchen with high-end appliances, in which the celebrity chef prepares dishes such as meatloaf or curry for the show, was also commented on. Such facilities are not available to many people.

A users was amused that Oliver was his “Cooking £1 miracles in kitchen utensils that cost £300. Energy-saving tips like using the lidded pot the TV star threw away during the show also didn’t work well.

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