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Miracle cures and insider tips – the most absurd rumors are circulating on the internet about things that are supposed to help you lose weight. Matthias Riedl clarifies: What is the truth about the myths?

Summer is coming, winter in sweatpants and home office has only just ended and Easter has been a great time to feast again – not to mention last Christmas. And that’s not a problem, because every body is beautiful in its own way! Or, as we often say on social media: “Every body is a bikini body”. Anyone who does not yet feel quite good about themselves and prefers to lose a few pounds for their own feelings is faced with many rumors on the Internet.

Dr Matthew Riedl

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Myth 1: Sleep makes you lose weight

Also included is, for example, the advice that sleeping can make you lose weight. according to doctor Sleep is certainly important for Matthias Riedl, but: “The slogan lose weight while sleeping is clearly exaggerated.

It is therefore very important to get enough sleep, because short or poor quality sleep leads to an increase in hunger hormones in the morning. And these in turn lead to an increase in blood sugar levels, and then to more appetite. But if you sleep a lot to lose weight, you fall into the trap of the myth, because longer sleep can no longer promote weight loss. “A sleep of seven or eight hours is good. If it is significantly higher, this effect is no longer detectable“, says Riedl.

Myth 2: Genes are to blame

Genes are important, yes. But we are not at the mercy of genes“, says Dr. Matthias Riedl from the nutrition department of Norddeutschen-Rundfunk. Because the nutritional environment, the influence of society, advertising and the many end products also play a role. Nutrition has become increasingly If you pay attention to that, it’s a lot Eat vegetables and healthy fats, get the right amount of protein and pay attention to carbohydrates, you can also lose weight.

Myth 3: There are foods that make you lose weight

According to Riedl, foods containing protein certainly help to become slimmer. “Because the body actually uses energy when it metabolizes protein“, he says. In addition, protein also stimulates the thirst receptor and those who drink more water have a better stomach filling and eat less bad foods.

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Drinking a lot is not only important in the summer.

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Myth 4: Eating slowly helps you lose weight

This is true, because we need 20 minutes to develop saturation. “If you refuel in 20 minutes, you naturally absorb more energy“, explains Riedl. It is therefore better to eat slowly, to feast, to put down the fork and, above all, to chew well.

Myth 5: Even a little exercise helps you lose weight

According to nutrition expert Riedl, the body unfortunately always gets used to a certain amount of exercise, which is why this movement no longer has such a strong weight-reducing effect over time. “That said, regular exercise incline actually helps with weight loss, but exercise, alas, is just its little brother.“, says Riedl. The big brother is the right diet.

Myth 6: Sex helps you lose weight

It sounds so nice, but unfortunately it’s not true, because according to Riedl the power consumption is only marginal: “The ideas that people have of it are completely exaggerated.“Depending on the type, intercourse would consume only 20 to a maximum of 100 kilocalories – it’s about the same as working out with a chocolate candy. So sex is less suitable for weight loss, but it has many other benefits.

Myth 7: The brain needs sugar

Before the test, we quickly throw glucose to make it go as well as possible, we think. But this is not true. “Sugar even takes energy from us, sugar tires us“, explains Dr. Matthias Riedl. The glucose kicks in briefly, but then the blood sugar level drops very low. After consuming sugar, you often feel a little sadder than before, which is not at all conducive to weight loss: “A sad brain tends to pamper itself. Upon reaching the next candy“.

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