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Detoxification may be the key to greater well-being and health promotion

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Detoxification may be the key to greater well-being and health promotion. That’s why it’s so important. Today, we are exposed to thousands of chemicals in the air, in our food, in our water and in consumer products. There are currently around 100,000 registered chemicals on the market and 1,000 are added every year. Basic physiological processes like digestion and cellular metabolism also produce by-products that we need to eliminate.
Although our body is equipped with natural defense mechanisms to help us fight these toxins, the organs and organ systems we use to filter and remove wastes and pollutants – primarily the lungs, liver, colon , kidneys, skin, lymphatic system and blood – are languid. under the pressure of our increasingly toxic world. When our systems shut down, the mismatch stays in the body, continues to build up, and can contribute to short- and long-term health issues.

In 2006, Environmental Defence, an environmental watchdog group, conducted tests on families with children as young as 10 and found their bodies contained traces of 46 of the 68 toxins they were tested for. , including carcinogens, hormonal disruptors and respiratory toxins. and neurotoxins. The results show that our body’s natural elimination processes need help.

Some signs of increased toxicity to the body include constipation or diarrhea, bad breath, frequent headaches, frequent colds and flu, low energy levels, skin problems, tenderness, mood swings, mood, pain and sleep disturbances. If you have these symptoms, it’s time to start thinking about detoxifying your body. For effective detoxification, it is important to reduce the intake of pollutants that weigh down the body and to maximize the intake of nutrients to optimize the body’s detoxification pathways.

Acad. Professor Hans R. Le-Hoffmann has developed a detoxification protocol that also removes bad heavy metals very intensively. It also supports people who are suffering from the Covid vaccination and are struggling with the long term effects.

He is considered the pope of detox in the Mediterranean. For more than 27 years, the detoxification of alcoholics, drug addicts and drug addicts has been his daily challenge. In Addiction Help, he heralded the paradigm shift, as abstinence is no longer required if someone drinks too much alcohol.

Self-control is taught and 90% of his clients then manage to resume a completely normal consumption of alcoholic beverages. He also innovated in pharmacotherapy, without toxic drugs, which often have a high potential for addiction, he quickly and gently withdrew from heroin and drugs containing opium. “Getting clean naturally” is her motto and bringing the body back to its own healthy biochemistry is her goal. The mind is also called upon to eliminate the effects of negative emotions. His “Mindset Change Program” is intensive and constantly creates a new personality.

Detox improves your appearance, regulates your sleep patterns and increases your emotional well-being. It will increase your basic vitality and health and can also help you lose weight. Other benefits of detox include improved mood and inner harmony, increased energy levels, increased physical performance, and improved libido.

Each detox program must be done individually. Diet and natural remedies are individually tailored to your gender, age, body mass index, possible clinical pictures, allergies and predispositions as well as initially weak organs and systems. A detox-friendly lifestyle that includes proper nutrition along with regular detox can be the key to the good health we all want to achieve.

Do you believe in the saying “health is wealth”?

For many people, a healthy lifestyle means looking good, not being sick, and eating and drinking clean, healthy foods. Health can also be explained as the sum of the physical, social and mental state of a person who is not sick.
Diet is one of the major human health issues. Regardless of how much food a person eats, the type of nutrition the body receives can vary. A balanced diet – vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. – can help determine the state of health of a person.

Learn with us how you can transform your diet to always feel fit and energized.

You can find more information on our website – we would be happy to explain to you in a free consultation how your detox week will go.

Please note that we only process one person/couple at a time. You are accommodated discreetly in our farm and can let your soul hang. Sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool are always available for your exclusive use. Every day we cook healthy and fresh food, which also has a constructive effect on the body.



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