Intestinal detox: how to detoxify your body in 15 days

The human body is detoxifying 24 hours a day.

However, you can make this important task easier for him by adding fewer toxins to him.

For this reason, it is advisable to give the detoxification mechanisms a break to help them do their job.

An intestinal cleansing with Glauber’s salt and a subsequent detox is exactly what is needed.

If you suffer from the following symptoms, you should consider these:

  • stained skin
  • eczema
  • Psoriasis neurodermatitis
  • Frequent fatigue and listlessness
  • often swelling of the eyes or legs
  • difficulty concentrating
  • Constipation, irregular stools or diarrhea

Next, we have instructions on how your detox program might look like. If you have a history of bowel disease, diabetes, or thyroid disease, please talk to your family doctor first.

Detox cure: The preparation

In order not to go from 100 to 0 and put your body in a state of emergency, prepare yourself slowly for the detox cure.

Reduce your meals to easily digestible foods for three days. Avoid meat and coffee and stop eating foods that cause bloating – like cabbage, peas, beans, etc.

Eat three regular meals a day. But only eat when you are hungry. From now on, drink only plain water and tea and avoid sugar, salt, pepper, etc.

Day 1: colon cleansing with Glauber’s salt

Choose a day when you have time and peace – preferably a Sunday.
Do not eat breakfast on this day, drink only tea or plain water. From the first day of the detox cure you do without honey, sweeteners and sugar in the tea.

On the first day, you will cleanse your intestines with Glauber’s salt, which you can get at the pharmacy. Prepare it according to the instructions and drink it quickly and completely. Now is the time to wait.

Your bowel will report within an hour and defecation will begin. Be sure to drink enough in between (plain water or unsweetened tea) to flush your body thoroughly. It will take a few hours for your bowels to be completely empty.

Rest in between to protect your circulation. Because on the first day there is only water and tea. Eating is completely avoided. If you have circulatory problems, take a teaspoon of honey with your tea.

Day 2: Smoothies and broths are on the menu

Start the day with a cup of green tea. This is characterized by its detoxifying properties.
Take your time. If you have to get to work, set the alarm 30 minutes earlier to start the day off right. Because from the second day smoothies and broths replace your food.

A light smoothie is available for breakfast. You should prepare it yourself. Use fresh, organic ingredients and, if possible, buy different ingredients for each day to cover all vitamins, fats and trace minerals.

For breakfast, you can make a sweet smoothie with berries, beetroot, apple, and almond milk. It will refresh you and give you energy for the morning.

At lunchtime, it can be strong in taste. Spinach, celery, parsley and fresh broccoli provide a high concentration of fibre, iron, vitamins and trace elements. Add plain water to make it more liquid. It makes consumption easier.

In the evening, you can prepare vegetable broth or alternatively beef bones. Beef broth has positive properties, especially for your skin and joints, as it promotes the formation of collagen. Again, do without salt and pepper and cook the broth yourself.

Day 3: Fat joins them

Now he can get a little richer step by step. Get creative with your smoothies and find out what you like. From the third day, you can refine your breakfast smoothie with a tablespoon of flaxseed oil, walnut oil or poppy seed oil.

This gives you valuable omega-3 fatty acids, which you need for concentration, skin renewal and, as a woman, for a week of cramp-free periods.

In your lunch smoothie on this detox day, you will find half an avocado and the broth from the day before. In the evening there is broth.

Day 4: Increase your fat intake

Fat makes you happy! From the fourth day you increase your fat consumption. Fats keep you full for a long time and stabilize your insulin levels. A pleasant side effect: they prevent you from feeling “hungry” and provide your body with valuable energy during the detoxification cure.

In your breakfast smoothie today, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil and a teaspoon of tahini. Accompanied by berries and a banana, this smoothie is a real dream breakfast.

If there was half an avocado left over the day before, it also goes into your lunch smoothie today. You can add a spoonful of humus and vegetables of your choice.

By the way, you can add raw vegetables, because most types of vegetables don’t need to be cooked at all, we just got used to them. In the evening there is broth.

Day 5-15: Your body regenerates

From day 5 you continue as on the fourth day. Vegan smoothies with lots of vegetable fats, nuts, oils and fruits replace your morning and midday meals. Homemade broths are available in the evening so your body isn’t busy digesting it at night, but can cleanse and regenerate itself.

Try to hold for 8-10 days. If you can, even longer.

intestinal detox

Raphaelle Kruse

He’s our specialist: Raphaela Kruse has been a beautician since 2006 and has worked as an alternative practitioner since 2014. Her expertise is the holistic treatment of the skin, which she treats through the intestines. The mottoes “healthy gut, healthy person” and “you are what you eat” are central to her work, in which she teaches clients to be enthusiastic about healthy eating. Man is not a machine. Beauty and health are inseparable, it starts with food. In his Instagram account you will find valuable advice and tips on his subjects.

The end of the detox cure

When the time comes when you crave solid food and want to eat ‘normal’ again, of course you don’t have to start right away. You have just cleansed your body, your intestines and your liver.

Do an analysis of how you are doing. What about your swelling, your fatigue, your concentration, what does your skin look like?

Do you feel like you feel better? Do you realize that you didn’t realize you weren’t feeling so good now that you feel really good?

So don’t throw everything away and keep going! Avoid alcohol, coffee, meat and dairy products of animal origin for a while.

Start with a salad with the foods your digestive tract knows from smoothies. Chew enough and take your time eating, this is especially important after 10 days of smoothies.

The next day, you can eat fish and gradually reintroduce other ingredients into your diet.

Going forward, enjoy a more mindful diet with more raw foods and plant-based ingredients. Eat less meat, avoid sugar and animal dairy products.

This way you will feel good in the long run and if there is dessert it will also be something special. Have fun reclaiming your body!


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