Improve your fitness on the family sports course in Pforzheim

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On the family sports course in Huchenfeld, people can test and train. During the 1.4 kilometer circular trail through the forest, 14 training machines offer a wide range of possibilities to train your circulation, condition and mobility.

Muscularity, endurance and mobility can be strengthened on equipment on the way to movement.

Photo: Axel Fischer-Lange

Walkers, joggers and sports groups of all ages have the opportunity to do something good for their health in the outdoors. The Kallhardt car park is the starting point for a fitness session on the family sports trail.

On site, you can already find out about the range of training equipment on a summary table. From here the route begins on a wide path leading into the forest. The fitness machines are installed at a distance of about 200 meters from each other and form individual stations where different exercises can be performed.

At each station there is a board with safety and usage instructions for the best training effect. The information panels also explain the purpose and mode of operation of the respective training device. Depending on the function, muscles, endurance and mobility are trained. Coordination and sense of balance are also trained.

All equipment on the Family Movement Trail is TÜV tested and in good condition

The family activity trail follows wide gravel forest paths with names such as “Forstweg”, “Dachsweg” or “Erzkopfsträßle”. To follow it, you have to take a new direction at several crossroads. However, the route is well signposted and marked with its own logo. The forest region is frequented by many people in search of relaxation and sporting leisure. On the way you meet many hikers, joggers and mountain bikers.

The training equipment is modern and made of metal and plastic. Weather conditions or moss and plant growth cannot harm them. Nevertheless, proper clothing and footwear should be worn for training on the equipment, which can sometimes get dirty. All devices are in very good condition and TÜV tested. The elements are easy to move.

People of all ages should be able to improve their fitness on the family exercise course. Exercise facilities are designed to accommodate people of all shapes and sizes. According to the information, the devices are intended for people aged 14 and over. All restrictions are described on the notice boards located on each device.

In addition, the sports equipment on the cycle path was mainly financed by donations from companies and sponsors. The path is ideal for an active family walk or for a relaxed jog with additional workouts.

get there

The family activity trail starts about 500 meters north of Huchenfeld at the Kallhardt parking lot. You can reach the parking lot from Pforzheim or Huchenfeld via national road 574. On the northern outskirts of Huchenfeld turn into Industriestraße. The left fork to the Kallhardt car park is visible immediately after turning.

Excursions in the region

A great vacation at last! For those who don’t feel like expensive and overcrowded vacation hotspots, there are plenty of opportunities in our region to escape the summer heat or slow down in nature.

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