Huawei Band 7 in the test: competition for the Xiaomi Mi Band?


Is the Huawei Band 7 a good choice for those looking for a good, inexpensive fitness tracker? The tracker shows many advantages in the test, but is slowed down elsewhere.

Huawei Band 7 review

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Good cheap fitness tracker, weak app

The Huawei Band 7 convinces with its beautiful and large display, a wide range of functions, reasonable battery life and accurate data. You have to minimize the app, which is quite confusing and offers few options for syncing data with other services – but that’s also partly due to the US trade embargo on Huawei.

We liked it

  • large OLED display with always-on display
  • comfortable to wear light
  • highly accurate data measurements
  • many functions also thanks to the app
  • available in four colors with the color of the case

We didn’t like it

  • packed and confusing app
  • no gps
  • no payment options
  • The furnishing experience is poor

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NETZWELT may collect a commission from the merchant for links on this site. More information.

After its presentation in May 2022, it quickly became apparent with the Huawei Band 7 that this fitness tracker did not offer too many innovations compared to its predecessor, the Huawei Band 6. However, this helps the Chinese manufacturer to further consolidate its presence in the affordable fitness tracker market. However, the devices have not (yet) achieved cult status, as is the case with Xiaomi.

price and availability

In terms of price, Huawei is on par with the previous model and the competition. Since January 2023, the Huawei Band 7 has been available at various online retailers like Amazon, Media Markt and Co. for a price of 45 to 50 euros. Huawei itself also sells the device in its online store, but mainly at the recommended retail price of 59 euros.

This is the scope of delivery of the Huawei Band 7.

This is the scope of delivery of the Huawei Band 7. (Source: Netzwelt)

Along with the Huawei Band 7 itself, the fitness tracker also comes with a charging cable that has a USB plug on one side and a proprietary magnetic charging connector on the other. Huawei also throws the usual “papers” (warranty certificate, etc.) in the box.

design and processing

The design of the fitness tracker remains the same as its predecessor. It’s the same rectangular shape, again enhanced by a plastic body. As well as the large display on the front, the case houses a number of sensors (including heart rate and SpO2 sensors) and a magnetic charging connector. On the right side we also find a single button.

We remain quite convinced of the quality of manufacture. The advantage of the well-made plastic housing is that it is significantly lighter than an aluminum or stainless steel housing. With silicone wristbands, the manufacturer guarantees that this device is comfortable to wear. This is not limited by the rather rudimentary looping method that Huawei chooses for the device.

What gave us some issues during the test was the way the straps were attached to the case, as the metal pin responsible for this is sunk so deep into the case that a long fingernail was required to press down and detach case straps. Reattaching the straps was even more difficult – also due to the mechanism. The device is available in four colors: black, dark green, pink and red.


Huawei Band 7 setup off to a rocky start: The version of Huawei Health available in the Play Store isn’t the latest version, as Huawei is no longer able to trade with US companies due to a US embargo – and therefore not with google either. To configure the tracker, you need the Huawei Health version, which is available for download as an apk file on the website.

After unboxing, you will be prompted to pair the tracker with your smartphone.

After unboxing, you will be prompted to pair the tracker with your smartphone. (Source: Netzwelt)

Once you have installed the app and granted all necessary permissions, you can start the installation process. In itself, it’s not that complicated, but it wasn’t really intuitive. We often had to take a look at the device settings ourselves, for example to disable battery optimization so that all notifications arrive on time. One can imagine that this could become a problem for many less experienced users.

You also need a Huawei account for setup, which can be set up for free during the setup process. Setup is only possible with the Huawei Health app with an Android or iPhone.


Let’s take a look at the display. It’s not that difficult, since the tracker is now on our wrist and the screen is the first thing we see when we raise our arm. It is a 1.47-inch rectangular OLED panel with a brightness of around 450 cd/m2. All in all, this is a huge strength of the device.

Because the panel is extraordinarily bright, has good resolution and, thanks to OLED technology, displays perfect black levels and high-contrast colors. The viewing angles are very stable and also allow side vision – it works well enough even in direct sunlight. The only thing we were missing: a brightness sensor that would automatically adjust the screen brightness to the environment. But it is bearable at a low price.

A novelty compared to its predecessor: you can now configure an always-on display. It’s a low-power display that’s always on, meaning you no longer have to lift your wrist to see the time. However, this function consumes a lot of battery. More on that later.

a service

The tracker is operated via the touch screen. A swipe down from the start screen opens the settings panel, to the right and left you can see the individual function panels. Notifications open as soon as you swipe up. In an app, return to the previous menu by swiping right.

Additionally, there’s a button on the right side of the case that you can use to switch from the home screen to the app menu or, if you’re already in an app, directly back to the app screen. ‘welcome. If you hold down the button longer, you have the option to turn off or restart the device. The controls are intuitive, but take a few days to get used to – especially if you’re switching from a crown smartwatch to the Huawei Band 7.


In this area, Huawei’s fitness tracker performed exceptionally well in the test. The features brought by the Huawei Band 7 go far beyond the standard functions of a fitness tracker, such as measuring heart rate and oxygen saturation, counting steps, displaying notifications and the mobile phone music playback control.

With the Huawei Band 7 you can record 96 different sports. Six of these sports are tracked more accurately than all the others – so more data is collected. This is the case of jogging and swimming, among others. Additionally, the Band 7 supports sleep and stress recording. Unfortunately, we still lack a GPS function. This means you have to take your smartphone with you for outdoor workouts.

And otherwise ? Especially in the app we find many features such as weight monitoring, an individually created AI training plan, different workouts with corresponding videos, different watch faces and designs for the always-on display as well as a community and settings for fitness tracker. With Healthy Living, you get a daily graphical representation of your activity goals in the form of a flower.

However, some features (such as workouts with video) are hidden behind a paywall. Huawei offers a “Stay Fit Plan” for around eight euros per month. This includes nutritional analysis of food, music for falling asleep, breathing exercises, intermittent fasting and a snack assistant with which you can scan and record your food. The first three months are free. By the way: Phone calls are not possible with the device, there is no microphone or speakers.

How well does tracking work?

In the test, the Huawei Band 7 performed very well in terms of tracking accuracy. We used a five times more expensive Google Pixel Watch, developed by Google in conjunction with Fitbit, as a comparison device to measure steps and heart rate as well as log activity. Deviations in step count were in the lower double-digit range and there was generally no difference in pulse rate. The situation was similar in sleep tracking, recorded sleep stages, which can only be viewed in the app, largely matched the Pixel Watch.

The watch recognizes light and deep sleep as well as REM phases. The software also gives you tips to improve the quality of your sleep. The automatic recording of training such as jogging or cycling worked quite well in everyday life, after a recognized start to training, all the necessary information is automatically displayed on the screen.

battery life

We rate the fitness tracker’s battery life as acceptable. The manufacturer gives an autonomy of about two weeks as a reference value. We were never able to hit those numbers when testing – with moderate use without continuous SpO2 measurement, the tracker lasted about nine days. If you turn on all the features and always-on display, battery life drops to just three full days – bad, but still bearable. In the test, the battery charged from 5 to 100% in one hour.

Huawei Band 7

Huawei Band 7

editorial rating 7.0 reader’s note

No rating yet

NETZWELT may collect a commission from the merchant for links on this site. More information.

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