How was the … e-bike course for seniors in Titisee-Neustadt? – Titisee-Neustadt

A practical course in Titisee-Neustadt is intended to make pensioners suitable for e-bikes. Safety was the most important issue here. But the participants also had other questions.

Since Corona, the trending means of transport has been the e-bike. Bernhard Schindler and the meeting place for seniors invited people to learn more about the e-bike and its use. “Do you know your e-bike? was the name of the two-hour information event with practical and theoretical parts on technology and security.

The participants
The interest was great. A dozen interested people aged 50 and over from Titisee-Neustadt, Oberried and Löffingen came. Four had brought their bikes. Five are planning to change and acquire an electric bicycle. The others refreshed their knowledge or learned something new. Everyone was curious.

The practice
It started with the engine. Depending on the power, it accelerates to 25-30 kilometers per hour. An on-board computer is used to switch between the different levels of assistance. Most bicycles have sprockets on the rear wheel, which can be used to change gears individually. An e-bike is not a lightweight because of the motor and the battery. It is important to keep this in mind and also to control the speed. A well-fitting bicycle helmet is the best protection, and to be seen, the bicycle headlights must be on. bike and how it handles, its speed levels, braking.” Use of brakes, trekking or studded tires, tire pressure, battery, lock, trailer hitch, luggage rack, running board, saddle, maintenance – Schindler knew everything about bikes. It has also been shown to start at different speeds.

The theory
Since e-bikes are not only popular with children and the elderly, but also with thieves and there are more and more accidents, Schindler also addressed the issue of insurance for the electric bike.

According to Schindler, safety is the top priority when it comes to technology, equipment and handling of the bike. Once a year, the e-bike should be serviced by a professional, he advised. The helmet must be replaced after six to eight years due to the aging of polystyrene and plastic due to UV rays. The right frame height is important for safe holding, climbing and descending, a wide hand rest on the handlebars for fatigue-free riding and locking the e-bike in the garage. The on-board computer should always be removed and secured when the bike is not in use. A good lock does not always prevent the theft of the bike, but it hinders thieves.

“Bernhard, look at my house. What does that mean”, launches a participant, pointing to her on-board computer. She had found the walk assist feature. “Do you think I can also use a pedal bike? asked a senior, pointing to one of the bikes. “Ah yes, my tires don’t have enough air,” one participant said of the tire pressure, “the handlebars were wobbling a lot on the way down.” An electric cyclist wanted to know where her light comes on. Schindler helped her too. A woman asked how her lock was and showed it to the specialist.

The conclusion
“It was really good”, was the unanimous opinion after two hours, “everything was well explained”. The participants applauded. In fact, such a course should take place every year, it was said, preferably in the spring before the start of the cycling season. There was also a need for e-bike tours. He already had ideas, says Bernhard Schindler, for cultural visits or to explain the city.


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