How the Saar doctor became Germany’s best-known nutritionist

doctor Anne Fleck made famous thanks to a television show

Already since 2014 is Dr Anne Fleck integral part of the medical team TV show “The Nutrition Docs”. In the North German radio advisory series, there is “Doc Fleck” valuable nutritional advice for people suffering from diseases and their complications. From A for adiposity to Z for celiac disease meanwhile are about 40 episodes many clinical pictures under the magnifying glass. the Tips from “Doc Fleck” support the medical treatment of their patients and, in many cases, relieve their symptoms. This leads to a greatly improved quality of life for those affected.

“Doc Fleck” comes from Saarland

Thanks to “Nutrition Docs”, she has been living in Hamburg for almost ten years Anne Fleck National Celebrity. Since then, she has been invited to many shows by public broadcasters as a panelist or talk show guest. What many don’t know: Anne Fleck was born in Saarland. The 50-year-old doctor has become born in Saarlouis and visited there Stadtgarten gymnasium, where she also graduated from high school. Then the Saar moved away.

She studied human medicine in Leipzig, Paris and L’Aquila (Italy). Stations in Vienna and Britain followed. Fleck graduated in 2006 and 2007 Specialized internal medicine and rheumatology examinations. During his established medical work and she directed centers for preventive and nutritional medicine and obesity. The doctor has lived in Hamburg for almost ten years and runs his own practice there.

Saarlander becomes Germany’s best-known nutritionist

Thanks to her media presence and subsequent work, Anne Fleck is now comfortable Germany’s most famous nutritionist mounted. next to his Television appearances “Doc Fleck” toured with a Germany-wide lecture series. She also finished with “Dr. Anne Fleck: Health and Nutrition” in the The ten best Apple podcasts. Last but not least, Anne Fleck also shines as bestselling author. His latest book “Energy! – The healthy way out of the maze of fatigue” was on the “Spiegel bestseller list” in the non-fiction category even before its publication.

What makes Anne Fleck successful?

This The basis of Anne Fleck’s success is certainly his skill. It is at a time when the diseases of Western civilization such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and others are spreading more and more. professional knowledge of healthy diet and way of life simply worth its weight in gold.

But “Doc Fleck” also manages to transfer medical knowledge into action recommendations suitable for everyday use translate. With a lot of empathy the doctor takes the time to understand the living situation and habits of his patients. She then identifies levers and levers that can be used to improve health. It encourages a lot of people and gives motivation. ‘Cause it makes people feel like that “Action Manual” in your hands again have. For many, newfound self-efficacy is often the first step towards a new life.

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