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Felix Magath was introduced as the new Hertha coach a week ago. The 68-year-old is expected to save the capital club from relegation. A victory against Hoffenheim followed immediately. And the atmosphere in Berlin is much better. At Sky90, Magath answered questions from Patrick Wasserziehr.

Felix Magath (Hertha BSC coach)…

…about his state of health. He was absent against Hoffenheim due to a corona infection: “I’m fine per se. I don’t feel that sick. I have a little problem with my throat. Otherwise I feel fine.”

…on the influence he was able to exert on his team during the match from the hotel room: “My assistant Mark Fotheringham did the main work because he was constantly working with the team. My role was just to document, to show: I’m in! I said to the players: ‘This is our first appearance together . We are from now on from the beginning.'”

…on the performance of his team: “Obviously I was happy with the performance. Before that we had lost five games in a row. We played against a team that had won almost every game in the last few weeks. So this game was aimed at being more compact “, not to concede a goal so quickly. As a result, our tactics were chosen in order to be stable. Mark managed very well that our team was compact and therefore did not give Hoffenheim the opportunity to develop, especially in the first half hour.”

…on the expectations of his team: “I have high demands. I make them from myself, and I also make them from my team. What we saw yesterday was based on Mark’s compactness. We want to play better football from that compactness. in the future. “

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Hertha coach Felix Magath explains how he manages the team and the duties of his assistant coach Mark Fotheringham (video length: 51 seconds)

…on his relationship with the players: “I think the way I treat the players – keeping a bit of a distance from the players – means that I don’t have to make decisions so emotionally. With the distance, I try to have a certain neutrality towards my team and my players. I also have a Mark Fotheringham for that. He should and must stay in touch with the players. He should deal with the players emotionally. I think the team needs exactly that mix.”

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…whether the team respects him or sometimes fears him: “I felt the players had respect. Players who had never dealt with me would have asked Peter Pekarik. We worked together at Wolfsburg. Of course my image is shaped by what the media has aired in recent years. . But I guess the players will make up their own minds. A coach needs the respect that was there from the start.”

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Coach Felix Magath has spoken to Sky90 about the fitness level of Hertha players. He thanks his predecessor Tayfun Korkut, but sees room for improvement (video length: 1:14 minutes).

…about the fitness level of the Hertha team: “As for my standards, we still have to work on that a bit (laughs). It was left in good condition, and I have to thank Tayfun Korkut for that. Only, I mostly played for titles in my career. and my teams have been able to play three games a week and also international games. I think we still have to work on that a bit.

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Will Felix Magath stay on as Hertha BSC coach beyond the summer? (duration of the video: 56 seconds)

…beyond possible employment beyond the end of the season: “It was never a problem for us. Neither Fredi Bobic nor I even thought about it. We talked about the fact that the task is to keep this team in the league. It goes until the end of the season.

The good thing about my situation is that I don’t have to worry about my future. I can fully concentrate on this work. I do that too. I’ll work here day and night until May 14th and then I’ll see what comes of it. I am not related. I can do whatever I want from May or June and I will.

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