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Why Hertha boss Bernstein cried

His first home victory as president of Hertha moved him to tears!

After the final whistle against Schalke (2-1), Kay Bernstein (42) stood in the stands with tears in his eyes, visibly moved.

Trigger: The winning goal of striker Wilfried Kanga (24) in the 88th minute after five games without a win at the Olympic stadium. After a grueling first few months in office, including Windhorst-Zoff, the pressure on Bernstein has also diminished.

miss after long range shot Schalke keeper slides Hertha to victory

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The Hertha chairman on his tears at BILD: “At that time a lot of things added, which then opened the stream. A burden of responsibility fell after the last few weeks. The first home victory this season – and with this dramaturgy of the game – was a sense of relief. The 60,000 fans so deserved it to finally be able to say goodbye with a win and three points and a great week.

Tears rolled down Bernstein’s shoulders and the pros once again celebrated in fantastic fashion on the east curve. How sweet the past few weeks – regardless of the mistakes and the results.

Kay Bernstein has tears in her eyes

Kay Bernstein has tears in her eyes

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There is a new sense of unity at Hertha!

Bernstein: “On the one hand, it’s because there is a real team on the pitch. Who gives the fans the feeling that they really give their all for the club. The fans appreciate that.”

Manager Fredi Bobic (50) also sees it this way: “The fans appreciate what has happened here since the summer. There must be a team on the pitch that puts its heart into the pitch, like in Leipzig. Mindset is a basic requirement. When this happens, the team is celebrated even after the defeats. When the fans feel that their team is giving their all, then both parties form a community.”

And the second factor in the New Us feeling is Bernstein himself, who had stood in the curve as Ultra’s pre-vocalist from 1998 to 2006. He makes fans feel like they finally belong again. .

Bernstein to BILD: “For the first time since the summer, the fans feel they’ve won. Because they feel: we’ve got the club back!

Manager Bobic on the noticeable change in atmosphere in the stands: “Kay is a child of curves, fans can feel that. It gives all residents of Herthan a sense of togetherness and unity.

Besides: The permanent one-sided rivalry with Gelsenkirchen, as the active Hertha fan scene only calls Schalke, had nothing to do with Bernstein’s tears. He says, “In that moment of happiness, only Hertha and our universe mattered.”


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