Here’s what you need to know about diet shakes

Lose weight with shakes? What the research says

Diet shakes are not magic bullets. Their ingredients do not trigger fabulous metabolic processes, after which our body will break down fat cells. Fat burning diets only work if you are in a calorie deficit. Dietary changes and an active, athletic lifestyle are key to losing weight. In order to really achieve a calorie deficit, diet shakes can be of great support. By replacing one or two meals a day with specially formulated diet shakes, you can achieve calorie deficits and get closer to your goal weight.

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If and how well liquid meal replacements actually work for weight loss in those who want to lose weight 2019 North American researchers in a review study. They brought together the results of nine separate studies on the subject and drew up an overall assessment. The studies assessed always focused on overweight and/or obese people with type 2 diabetes. They came to the conclusion that diet shakes can facilitate weight loss in the test subjects.

In fact, study participants lost an average of 2.37 kilograms more weight, reduced 1.66 percent more fat, and lowered their upper blood pressure 4.97 mmHG more than people in the groups. controls who wanted to lose weight without diet shakes. According to the 2019 review study, liquid meal replacement shakes can have a positive effect on weight loss.

3 shakes that can help with dieting

Layenberger Fit+Feelgood Slim Shake: You can try the diet shake in many different flavors. Only 215 calories go into the glass per meal. In combination with exercise and a balanced diet, the shake can help you lose weight. Rich dietary fiber and protein fill you up quickly. With a “satisfactory” rating, the shake is one of the test winners at Öko-Test.

The healthy and vital food drink: The own brand of the well-known pharmacy chain DM also passed the Öko-Test with a “satisfactory” rating. You can eat the powder with water, milk or yogurt and reduce your calorie intake in a targeted way to achieve the desired weight loss result.

Classic Yokebe: Gluten-free, vegetarian and high in protein – Yokebe’s shake provides 247 calories per meal and fills you up quickly. The natural flavor of the grain is combined with a slight note of honey. Öko-Test rates ingredients, marketing and packaging as “satisfactory”.


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