Here’s how a former elite soldier’s 9-minute workout works

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Of: Lucas Maier

The path to the dream body doesn’t have to take a long time. The training program of a former elite soldier lasts only nine minutes.

Kassel – To lose weight, build muscle or get fit in general: many people have these goals. But for that, the weaker self must first be conquered. One of the most common excuses for not exercising is the time factor.

With his 9-minute training units, ex-elite soldier Mark Lauren attempts to remove the basis of the time argument. Despite the short duration of the workouts, the whole body should be trained. But does it work?

Get to Top Shape in Nine Minutes: This program promises quick success. (File image) © IMAGO-Images/yekophotostudio

Work out to your desired weight: Without equipment and efficiently towards your dream body

Mark Lauren programs are designed for maximum effectiveness. Plus, no equipment is required for the 9-minute workouts. The principle of “bodyweight training”, that is to say training exclusively with your own body weight, is Lauren’s specialty.

The 9-minute workouts are explained and performed in videos. There is a 7-day trial subscription for the training program, there is no charge for it. After that, however, the program costs money. However, there are also free videos on Lauren’s Youtube channel. The training units themselves are structured according to a clear concept. Each nine-minute video covers the following three categories:

  • Exercise in lying position: Better posture is being worked on here. Abdominal, gluteal, back and shoulder muscles are trained.
  • Mobility exercise: It’s about creating a balance between stability training and mobility.
  • Weight shift exercise: Here you go from a kneeling position to a standing position.
  • Source: Mark Lauren

Sport in just 9 minutes: it’s not Lauren’s first program, but it’s her fastest

Anyone who chooses a nine-minute workout from Mark Lauren trains three times a week. The program should be “integrated into every daily routine”, as Lauren writes. The workout has not been proven to be as effective as previous Mark Lauren workout programs.

A 9 minute workout might look like this:

Warm-up (jumping jacks): Don’t forget to warm up! To do this, Lauren uses the classic “jumping jack”: stand with your feet next to each other, arms crossed. Next, spread your legs a little more than hip-width apart in a slight hop, while bending your arms slightly to bring them together along the sides of your body above your head. And return to the starting position. Repeat rhythmically for 60 seconds.

Buttock bridge (raising the pelvis): The starting position is on your back. Stand with your legs side by side, feet about hip-width apart. Then raise your buttocks until they form a straight line with your back. Do not enter the hollow of the back! Contract your pelvis and abdomen. Next, lower your butt back to the starting position. Repeat. (50 seconds).

Starfish Twists (Side Plank): The starting position here is push-ups, feet hip-width apart. Then tilt your heels to one side while raising the opposite arm at the same time. Stretch in the middle of the body and briefly maintain the side position (side plank). With the arm still pointing up, rotate the hips back into the push-up so that they are again parallel to the ground and the foot is back on the ball of the foot as in the starting position . Then lower your arm. Other side. Repeat for 50 seconds.

Drop Thrust (hip thrust): The starting position is standing, legs hip-width apart, bent, buttocks pushed back like a squat. The arms are bent on the knees pointing forward. bodily tension. Then the arms drop to the floor for support, pushing the legs backward like burpees to get into the flat push-up position. The arms are now next to the body, the belly touches the ground. Press back into the starting position with a jerk. The exercise can be imagined as a mixture of burpees and push-ups. Repeat. (50 seconds).

Remember to take short breaks between exercises!

Source: Mark Lauren

Being fit: good nutrition is also part of sport

According to a study, some sports are better for weight loss than others, but diet also plays an important role. However, unlike Lauren’s program “Fit without Equipment – The 90 Day Challenge”, this is not part of the new 9-minute program.

The right diet goes hand in hand with the right workout to get the body you want. It works in two stages: losing weight, i.e. reducing body fat, and building muscle. To lose weight, advise the experts of the specialized magazine Fitness first, especially to eat a lot of vegetables and protein. Good sources of protein include lean meat (poultry), legumes, nuts or eggs. The same goes for building muscle. Here too, protein is the alpha and omega, cottage cheese or a serving of oatmeal are always good between meals.

Get in shape and lose weight: Mark Lauren has already published several books

The ex-soldier and military trainer also published a book on nine-minute workouts: “Fit in nine minutes: Without equipment – Super-effective training with your own body weight”, the third edition of which came out in December. 2021. (Lucas Maier)

Editor’s note: The tips and information cited in this article cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet. Only use our nutritional advice in addition to a healthy and varied diet. The information does not in any way replace professional advice and is not intended for independent diagnosis or treatment.

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