Healthy food brings new aspects of life into everyday life

Are sweets also allowed?

Jasmine parenthesis: Of course, you can also enjoy sweets. We are fundamentally against bans. Basically, it always depends on the amount and the frequency. With us, for example, a piece of chocolate or biscuits are obligatory during the afternoon coffee break. As a health-promoting measure, the World Health Organization recommends covering no more than 10% of daily food energy with sugar. This corresponds to an average of about 50 grams of sugar per day. Here we are talking about the sugar that is added to food. There is also a lot of sugar in syrup, honey and juices. To simplify things, sweets should be eaten in small amounts and not too often. In addition, we recommend minimizing the consumption of sugary products such as sugary drinks, yogurts, etc. As Paracelsus once said: “The dose makes the poison”.

What foods are essential for you personally?

Parenthesis of Carmen: Cottage cheese is always in stock at Klammer. We like to use cottage cheese as a base for protein-rich post-workout shakes and also as a main ingredient for poppy seed noodles or gnocchi. Recipes for this can be found in our cookbook “Klammers Kochgeflüster” or on our blog: Another indispensable product that should never be missing are potatoes. We are real potato fans and like to conjure up baked dishes or simple sides like potatoes in flaxseed oil or mashed potatoes. Oatmeal is part of our basic equipment, because we like to eat it in the form of porridge for breakfast or to make a batter, such as waffle batter or pancakes.

Finally, a question that interests many people: can a healthy lifestyle really prolong life? Jasmine parenthesis: It is a very complex question. A long life can of course be promoted by a healthy lifestyle, but several factors play a role here, such as genetics. With a balanced diet and sufficient physical activity, we can positively influence our heart health, lung function and cellular health and thus preventatively ensure our general health.

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