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Medical training as prevention: getting in shape and staying in shape under the guidance of a professional

BUHL. Prevention is a top priority in modern medicine. Medical fitness should help train strength, endurance and coordination deficits and thus prevent disease. Physiotherapist Andreas Macau, Managing Director of Athletico Bühl, explains what sets Medical Fitness apart from other training offers.

Medical Fitness in Bühl: prevention is better than cure

Why should healthy people get medical health education? “On the one hand there is the positive effect on the heart and circulation. Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common diseases in people over 40. All studies agree that the main reason for this is a chronic lack of exercise,” explains Andreas Macau. Medical fitness can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. “The risk of other diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, joint or spinal diseases also decreases with regular training.” According to Macao, prevention of the spine is of particular importance, since nearly one in three adults complains of back problems.

How does medical training at Bühl work?

At the start of every medical fitness workout is discussion and evaluation. “Medical fitness must be tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the patient. Someone who regularly does endurance sports in their spare time and wants to do something for their back needs a different kind of training than a completely untrained person,” says Macao. Therefore, leading therapists must first get an idea of ​​the initial state of the patient in order to formulate training goals and develop a training plan. The exercises take place at Athletico Bühl under the guidance of the therapists to ensure that the patients do them correctly. Trainers regularly check progress and adjust training as necessary. “It’s the best way for us to make sure training goals are achievable. And that’s not all – many of our patients in Bühl also appreciate the training because they see it as a balance between everyday life and work,” describes Macau. Medical fitness therefore also contributes to mental balance – and this in turn is one of the most important cornerstones of health and well-being.

The ATHLETICO in Bühl – stands for modern physiotherapy and medical fitness training on high-quality strength training equipment of the latest generation. Our highly qualified team offers a range of treatments. In addition, preventive services such as massages or personal training and the possibility of registering with Medical Fitness after successfully completing your treatment.

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