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Stuttgart (dpa) – The FDP and the SPD want to turn the state parliament into the stage for a general settlement with Health Minister Manne Lucha (Greens). On Tuesday, the two parliamentary groups unanimously decided on an impeachment motion with which they want to urge Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) to fire the minister because of “glaring errors” in pandemic policy. La Lucha no longer has any authority and is damaging trust in politics. Kretschmann, on the other hand, supported his minister. The leader of the Greens group called the request unfounded and ridiculous. The candidacy has no chance of succeeding against the votes of the Greens and the CDU.

SPD parliamentary group leader Andreas Stoch and FDP parliamentary group leader Hans-Ulrich Rülke accuse Lucha of a whole series of errors in the corona policy of the past two years. The minister failed to protect the elderly and people in need of care, for example by introducing mandatory testing in institutions too late. It also failed to launch a successful stimulus campaign for nursing homes and nursing homes. In addition, he was responsible for the purchase of inadequate protective masks and had turned the organization of vaccinations upside down.

In addition, in the application submitted to the German press agency, Lucha is held responsible for a poor testing strategy in schools and daycare centers, poor communication and legal errors in the Corona regulations. “Over the past two years, Minister of Social Affairs Lucha has repeatedly shown that he is overwhelmed by the fight against the corona pandemic,” the newspaper says.

But it was Lucha’s push to end the corona pandemic situation that broke the camel’s back. The Greens recently asked Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) in a letter to announce the transition of the pandemic to the endemic phase at the end of April. Means: The corona virus is then classified as the flu virus, there would be practically no more tests and no more mandatory quarantine. After Prime Minister Kretschmann walked away from Lucha, the minister backed down. On Monday, the health ministers of the federal and state governments had nevertheless agreed that from May 1, corona-infected persons and contact persons should generally only be isolated or quarantined voluntarily and for a short period. period.

Prime Minister Kretschmann spoke on Tuesday not of a substantive error, but of a communication error on the part of Lucha – without consequences. With the wording at the time, Lucha caused confusion. Despite all the criticism, he wants to stick to his Minister of Health. “I’m not going to fire him, I don’t know why,” he said. A minister is removed from office for serious personal misconduct and if he has caused serious harm – but this is not the case. Baden-Württemberg weathered the crisis better than the other countries, summed up the head of government. The minister did a “good job”. “I will not comply with this request for dismissal.”

Stoch and Rülke had called for an extraordinary session of parliament on the subject, but state parliament speaker Muhterem Aras (Greens) had turned it down. The SPD and the FDP had already called for the withdrawal of Lucha in the past. The dismissal request is now an extra step, Stoch said on Tuesday. “If the state minister for social affairs writes letters to Berlin that signify a complete abandonment of the state government’s previous corona policy, and the prime minister publicly contradicts this, then the measure is finally complete,” the SPD politician told the dpa.

The motion is expected to be voted on Thursday. Unlike the Bundestag, the Land parliament can also guarantee the dismissal of members of the government in accordance with the Land constitution. If two-thirds of the deputies so wish, the Prime Minister will have to part with a member of the government. However, the SPD and the FDP are far from reaching the required majority – even with the votes of the AfD, which announced Tuesday that it wanted to join. AfD faction leader Bernd Gögel criticized that Lucha spent a lot of money for months on bad measures in the Corona crisis. “Learning by doing cannot be part of a minister’s toolbox.”

The SPD (19), FDP (18) and AfD (17) together make up only 54 of the 154 deputies in the state parliament. For the leader of the Greens parliamentary group, Andreas Schwarz, it is therefore also a “pure request for spectacle” from the opposition. Lucha continues to have the support of government factions. The likelihood of Greens or CDU lawmakers voting for Lucha’s impeachment on Thursday was “between very, very low and zero”. This decision is also ridiculous, because the SPD and the FDP represented diametrically different opinions on corona policy.

Stoch said this was not a false debate, but the responsibility of the country, which must now be placed in better hands. Anyone who votes against the motion bears the responsibility for the mistakes that can be expected if Lucha stays in power. Rülke, who as a liberal advocates a relaxation of the corona policy and should therefore welcome Lucha’s initiative, said that this was not a fundamental error, but a political error and communication from the Minister. He does not understand the course of his own state government. Lucha lost his authority because Kretschmann whistled at him like that – that’s why he had to leave.

Lucha himself was attacked on Tuesday. “It’s not working,” the minister said of the new opposition attack. He took note of the application. It is the right of the opposition. Lucha said he was no saint but had been on duty 24/7 for two years. “I’m as passionate about the issues as I was on day one,” the minister said. “As long as the Prime Minister says, ‘Keep going’, I will keep going.”

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