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Stuttgart (dpa) – The FDP and the SPD want to dismiss Health Minister Manne Lucha (Greens) in the state parliament. The two parliamentary groups want to decide on a corresponding candidacy on Tuesday. The document is available from the German press agency. The state parliament should therefore ask Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) to sack his health minister because of “glaring errors” in pandemic policy. SPD parliamentary group leader Andreas Stoch and FDP parliamentary group leader Hans-Ulrich Rülke will explain the reasons today in Stuttgart.

In the motion, which is to be dealt with in plenary on Thursday, Lucha is accused of the following misconduct:

Protection of retirement homes and nursing homes: Lucha failed to protect the elderly and people in need of care during the second wave of the pandemic, for example by implementing compulsory tests too late in institutions. The minister also misinformed the public about the number of deaths in retirement and care homes and glossed over the situation there. So far, it has not launched a successful recall campaign for nursing homes and nursing homes.

Defective protective masks: The opposition also accuses Lucha of buying defective protective masks. At the beginning of February 2021, around 3.5 million defective masks had to be recalled because they did not meet the EU protection standard, according to the app. At the end of February 2021, four million additional masks were to be recalled.

Vaccination campaign: From the point of view of the SPD and the FDP, the Minister of Health has also turned the organization of vaccinations upside down. The start of nationwide vaccination in December 2020 was characterized, for example, by “a chaotic allocation of appointments, telephone helplines and appointments canceled at short notice due to lack of vaccine deliveries. Vaccination centers were also closed too soon.

In addition, Lucha is held responsible for a poor testing strategy in schools and daycare centers, poor communication and legal errors in the Corona regulations. “Over the past two years, Minister of Social Affairs Lucha has repeatedly shown that he is overwhelmed by the fight against the corona pandemic,” the newspaper says. Lucha’s mistakes are deep and serious.

“With her unreliability and incompetence, Minister Lucha is causing a loss of confidence in politics as a whole,” said FDP parliamentary group leader Rülke of the dpa. Lucha is responsible for the low vaccination rates in the country with his “indescribable management of vaccination”, the SPD parliamentary group and party leader Stoch have pointed out. He insufficiently protected the most vulnerable in homes and lost too much trust in the population, in municipalities and in clinics during the Corona crisis.

The SPD and the FDP are particularly embarrassed by Lucha’s advance to end the corona pandemic situation. La Lucha recently asked Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) in a letter to announce the transition of the pandemic to the endemic phase at the end of April. This would have had far-reaching consequences. The coronavirus would then be classified as the flu virus, with virtually no testing and no mandatory quarantine. After Prime Minister Kretschmann walked away from Lucha, the minister backed down. The SPD and FDP then demanded Lucha’s withdrawal. Stoch and Rülke had called for an extraordinary session of parliament on the subject, but state parliament speaker Muhterem Aras (Greens) had turned it down.

“If the state minister for social affairs writes letters to Berlin that signify a complete abandonment of the state government’s previous corona policy, and the prime minister publicly contradicts this, then the measure is finally complete,” Stoch said.

Unlike the Bundestag, the Land parliament can also guarantee the dismissal of members of the government in accordance with the Land constitution. If two-thirds of the deputies so wish, the Prime Minister will have to part with a member of the government. However, the SPD and the FDP lack a few mandates for this majority.

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