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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – After the mask requirement and access rules were abolished this Sunday, other remaining corona measures will soon be reversed. Schools in the South West are only expected to be tested regularly until the Easter holidays. The leaders of the Greens and the CDU have agreed on this, as the German press agency learned in coalition circles in Stuttgart on Sunday. Additionally, the state government assumes that quarantine rules will also be eased significantly soon after Easter. The duration should be reduced from ten to five days and this should not be managed so strictly either. The state expects the proposal from the federal government and the Robert Koch Institute to go into effect at the end of April.

Mask gone, tests soon gone – what does this mean for schools?

For the nearly 1.5 million schoolchildren and around 130,000 teachers, the mask obligation, which has applied without interruption since mid-November, ends on Monday. If you wish to continue wearing mouth and nose protection voluntarily, you can of course do so. The last test will take place on April 13 before the Easter holidays. Children and adolescents as well as teachers with symptoms can still be tested for free, he added. Two weeks ago, the tests had already been reduced from three to two per school week. The reason given is that with the Omikron variant, the rapid test often turns out to be too late. By then, the infected person had long since transmitted the virus.

The education union GEW is skeptical and expects a high number of lessons after Easter. “Hundreds of teachers are currently falling ill every day and the staff shortage is high even without absences. This will increase following the abolition of corona protective measures,” said GEW country director Monika Stein of the dpa . He takes revenge that not all teaching positions are filled and that the reserve is too small. “In many schools, final exams are approaching, so no one can use more failures.” For the SPD, Stefan Fulst-Blei said that the omission of more and more protective measures in schools did not correspond at all to Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann’s (Greens) demand for more extensive demands. From the “prudence team” the government had arrived at the “let go team”.

Mask only in buses and trains, clinics and homes

After more than two years of the corona pandemic, almost all protective measures were removed on Sunday. Masks should only be worn on buses and trains, nursing homes and hospitals. Employers decide what applies in offices and businesses. The traffic light in Berlin had changed the infection protection law, mainly at the instigation of the FDP, in such a way that the conditions are hardly possible. The background is that the omicron variant is milder and hospitals are no longer so heavily burdened with Covid patients. The state government implemented the federal regulations – but only under protest.

Easing of quarantine in sight

The state assumes the federal government will adjust quarantine rules soon. According to the proposal sent to the Länder by the Federal Ministry of Health, separations should generally be shortened. So far they have usually lasted ten days and can end in a negative test after seven days. A formal order from the health service, which is often no longer given, should be omitted in the future. It should be recommended to voluntarily reduce contact and – from five days – to carry out repeated tests or self-tests. Quarantine for contact persons of infected persons is also expected to last five days in the future.

Are there any special rules for infected and asymptomatic nurses?

The country is currently considering whether the work quarantine for nursing home workers should be eased quickly due to staff shortages. Many operators had requested that nurses infected but showing no symptoms be able to work again. The Evangelische Heimstiftung had demanded that “protection and hygiene concepts come into force which also allow employees who have tested positive to work if they do not feel sick”. It’s time for more personal responsibility.

State Warns Feds: Without Money, Lights Go Out at Vaccination Centers

Baden-Württemberg has asked the federal government to co-finance the vaccination centers by the end of the year. “We are angered by the federal government’s announcement that they only want to fund immunization infrastructure until the middle of the year. This was discussed differently,” a spokeswoman for the Department of Social Affairs said. dpa. It is assumed that the commitment will continue to apply and that half of the financing will be taken care of. “Otherwise it would not be possible to maintain the vaccination infrastructure in the necessary framework in Baden-Württemberg.” Other states like Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia had also complained.

In the future, the medical profession should play a leading role in vaccination

It is also important for Baden-Württemberg to clarify the future role of general practitioners and vaccination specialists. “In order for us to be well prepared for the fall, we need a legal regulation that stipulates corona vaccinations as part of the mandatory program of the health system,” said the spokeswoman. The federal government has to take care of that. Baden-Württemberg had decided to close its vaccination offer on April 1 due to a lack of demand and extremely high costs. There should be only one mobile vaccination team and one base per town and district. Until now, the country had about 350 mobile teams and 135 vaccination centers.

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