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Berlin (dpa) – German doctors are calling for a uniform corona test requirement in the European Union for all travelers from China. In the event of an explosive spread, as is currently the case in China, it is to be expected that the virus will mutate, Johannes Nießen, president of the Federal Association of Public Health Physicians, told the newspapers of the group of Funke media. This is why you must be prepared.

“Now we need a uniform Europe-wide protection concept,” said the doctor. “Every traveler from China should be tested with a rapid test when entering the EU.” The rule should apply to business travellers, tourists and other visitors. If the test result is positive, a PCR test should follow and the sample should be sequenced. Anyone infected should absolutely be isolated, according to Nießen.

The European Union had not yet decided on a common line during the consultations on the corona wave in China last Thursday. EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides only called on states to review their national virus surveillance measures and, if necessary, restart them.

Lauterbach: stricter entry rules ‘not yet necessary’

Several European countries have now issued or announced entry restrictions for travelers from China, including France, Italy and Spain. In France, post-arrival PCR tests will also be mandatory in the future. By contrast, the federal government confirmed on Sunday that it initially wanted to wait and see. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) said on Friday that tougher entry rules into Germany were “not yet necessary”.

The left criticized this line and demanded that a PCR test should also be compulsory for travelers from China at German airports. “The news that almost every second passenger from China who was tested at Milan airport was corona-positive must be alarming,” said the spokeswoman for left-wing health policy in the Bundestag, Kathrin Vogler, on the t-online news portal. “In order to find out whether travelers from China can bring a previously unknown virus variant with them, a mandatory PCR test with sequencing makes sense.”

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