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Magdeburg (dpa/sa) – Most corona restrictions in Saxony-Anhalt have been officially lifted since Sunday – despite a still high incidence over seven days. The state government relies on volunteers in many places, but urges caution.

From now on, the mask obligation only applies in the health sector and on local public transport. This means that shopping is possible again without the usual mouth and nose protection. The mask can also be removed in restaurants and places of leisure. However, the state government recommends that you continue to wear medical mouth and nose protection for these other areas, observe minimum distances and test yourself regularly.

In future, unvaccinated people will once again have access to all areas of public life without testing. Only employees and visitors to health and care facilities, schools and daycare centers need to present a negative test or proof of vaccination or recovery. These include hospitals, outpatient services that provide outpatient intensive care in institutions, accommodation for asylum seekers, prisons, and care facilities for the elderly and disabled.

Tests are still mandatory in schools until April 24. Until the Easter holidays, people must be tested for the corona virus at least three days a week. Thereafter, this is reduced to at least twice a week.

The Chamber of Pharmacists of Saxony-Anhalt has called on citizens to wear mouth and nose protection even after the end of the mask obligation in pharmacies. “Immunocompromised people or elderly people with several illnesses come to us. They must continue to be protected as well as possible,” said Chamber President Jens-Andreas Münch. In order not to jeopardize the supply of medicines due to an increase in sick leave, staff must also be protected against infection with the corona virus.

At the level of internal regulations, merchants and organizers can determine the rules of a visit, for example the maximum number of people present at the same time. You can also voluntarily rely on additional protective measures such as mask or test requirements.

A visit to the cinema is also possible again without mask and test. However, many cinemas in Saxony-Anhalt maintain certain hygiene measures. According to the Central Kino Wittenberg and the Burg Theater in Burg, this includes the distances and free seats between the guest groups in the hall. The Halle Puschkino, among others, also recommends wearing a medical mask on all routes until you take your place. Protective walls between employees and guests or an intensified ventilation concept, for example in the cinema chains Cinemaxx and Cinestar, will also remain in place.

The corona incidence in Saxony-Anhalt continues to fall. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants per week on Sunday was 1468.5. The value was 1526.3 on Saturday and 1648.4 on Friday. Nationally, a value of 1457.9 was recorded on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Saxony-Anhalt’s Health Minister Petra Grimm-Benne called for reliable federal involvement in funding vaccination centers. “Our demand is that the federal government contributes 50% of the costs as before. We hope there will be an agreement on April 7,” the SPD politician told the German Press Agency. The federal government currently covers half of the costs of the vaccination centers. Grimm-Benne warned that the federal government could eventually reduce the share to 25% from July. In addition to the corona vaccinations, the health ministers want the vaccination centers to take on additional tasks.

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