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Hanover (dpa/lni) – Even on the first day of the sales without the obligation to wear a mask, customers in many businesses preferred to exercise caution due to the high number of infections. “In around 90% of cases, the mask is always up,” the Lower Saxony-Bremen trade association said on Monday. That’s about the first impression we got from feedback from member companies, said chief executive Mark Alexander Krack. “Only a relatively small proportion decide not to wear a mask.”

The North West retailers umbrella organization assumes voluntary use of mouth and nose protection will continue for some time – ‘also given the high incidence and personal concern if you want to avoid quarantine and minimize your own risk”. At the same time, the majority of traders are waiving the requirement to wear masks through their domiciliary rights. But employees also maintained protection on their own. “As it warms up, there could be a change,” Krack suggested. “Who likes to try on new clothes with a mask in the textile shop?”

The possible waiver of the mouth and nose cover in the store results from the revised Lower Saxony crown ordinance, which has been in force since Sunday. According to the Federal Infection Protection Act, federal states can only order low-threshold corona protection measures, for example a mask requirement in local transport or in clinics. In shops, on the other hand, the mask is no longer compulsory. There may be a return to this in exceptional cases and in local corona hotspots. Special hygiene concepts can still be implemented to protect personnel.

Last year, the 2G rule also applied for a few days in stores in Lower Saxony outside of daily needs. As a result, people who were neither vaccinated against the corona virus nor recovered were excluded from purchases. The Higher Administrative Court overturned this decision shortly before Christmas – other federal states followed suit. Since then, customers in Lower Saxony must wear an FFP2 mask in the store, but it is no longer necessary to present proof of vaccination or test.

Some distribution chains had already announced that they would not make use of the obligation to wear a mask based on the right of domiciliation. Some have also called for voluntary protective measures. At Ikea, for example, he said: “Given the dynamic infection process, we are happy to point out that wearing a mouth and nose guard continues to protect you and others.” MediaMarktSaturn made a similar statement: “We ask our customers and encourage them to continue to wear a protective mask.”

Lower Saxony-based pharmacy giant Rossmann called it a positive that restrictions on retailing have now been essentially lifted. These would have massively damaged city centers, said managing director Raoul Roßmann of the German Press Agency. “But you can extend the wearing of the mask a little longer.” Some of the rules that apply to all exchanges have also been overdone – especially 2G, which has cost the state a lot of money and made companies a vehicle for lobbying vaccine opponents. “It’s completely too late to repeal this,” Roßmann said.

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