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Hamburg (dpa/lno) – Mask-free at the fish market and the cathedral, but continue to wear mouth and nose protection when shopping: While corona measures were largely phased out elsewhere, the people of Hamburg were the first weekend as a hotspot city in Inside, there are still a lot of familiar things: an FFP2 mask had to be worn in shops on Sundays when shops were open and the 2G-plus rule still applied when dancing in clubs – i.e. access only for those vaccinated or recovered with an additional trial. You might feel freer at the Source Cathedral or the Fish Market, which has reopened for the first time in the tried-and-true form.

After more than 15 months of Corona hiatus and eight months of restricted pandemic operation, market crier Aale-Dieter, who says he has been a living fish market legend for 63 years, was able to advertise his head-turning products. “People want to have fun again, they want to hear catchy jokes, they want eel, salmon, bananas, cheese,” Dieter Bruhn said. To date, the market was only allowed to open with about half the stalls, hucksters were not allowed to shout.

The fish market taking place in the open air, visitors were allowed to come without a mask. With around 35,000 people, the response was roughly “pre-Corona level”, a district office spokesperson said. As of Saturday, there is also no mask requirement on the Spring Cathedral – but not in indoor areas.

Masks also had to be worn when shopping in stores on Sundays – as in all halls open to the public in Hamburg. But that didn’t stop people from heading to the city center on Sunday, which is open for shopping, as city management chief executive Brigitte Engler said. Even before the departure at 1 p.m., the city center was full.

Hamburg has been an official Corona hotspot since Saturday and is therefore subject to even stricter pandemic protection rules than most other federal states until the end of April – only Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has also declared itself a hotspot in statewide. In the other countries, on the other hand, the strict corona measures have largely expired.

At the start of the hotspot regulation, Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD) called on people to continue wearing masks. Many restrictions to combat the corona pandemic have been lifted and “we look forward to a largely normal summer,” Tschentscher said in a video message posted via Twitter on Saturday. “Nevertheless, the call for everyone to get vaccinated and wear a protective mask indoors in the coming weeks remains.” Tschentscher stressed that people should continue to be mindful during the pandemic.

In view of the persistent cool temperatures and the high number of corona infections, Health Senator Melanie Leonhard also called on Hamburg to vaccinate. “It is still cold outside, so we are inside a lot and many people in the city are currently infected,” the SPD politician said on Sunday. There were nearly 30,000 new infections in one week. “So it’s not unlikely that he’s infected now,” she warned. Many protective measures have been lifted, “so that your body and your immune system now take over the protection of your own health”.

Meanwhile, the seven-day incidence decreased slightly from week to week. The health authority on Sunday gave the number of new infections per 100,000 people in one week at 1,409.5. A week ago it was still at 1435.3. On a different calculation basis, the Robert Koch Institute in Hamburg gave an incidence of 1196.2 on Sunday. According to these statistics, it is the third lowest value in Germany after Berlin (872.4) and Brandenburg (1049.4). The incidence in Germany was 1457.9.

Within a day, 1549 new infections were reported in Hamburg. Since the start of the pandemic, at least 457,071 people have been infected with the corona virus. 363,800 of them are considered cured. The number of corona virus-related deaths rose by four to 2,396.

According to the register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, 37 Covid 19 patients were treated in intensive care units in Hamburg on Sunday morning – two more than the day before. 19 of these patients required invasive ventilation, one less than on Saturday. The health authority estimated the number of all Covid 19 patients in clinics in Hamburg at 442 on Friday.

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