Health – Bavaria continues to relax: Corona school tests are also canceled – Bavaria

Munich (dpa) – Bavaria is reducing its fight against the corona pandemic to almost zero. “We have practically no more measures left,” said Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) on Tuesday after a council of ministers. In this, the state government has decided to abandon regular testing for children and young people in schools and kindergartens from May 1.

“General testing in schools and child care centers will be halted,” the state government announced. So far, children in grades 1 to 6 and in special schools have been given a pool PCR test twice a week, as well as a self-test on Monday mornings.

All other students tested themselves in class three times a week using a quick test. The innovation should start alongside the national change in quarantine regulations. Nurseries can continue pool PCR testing on a voluntary basis until the end of August. The mask requirement in schools has already been largely lifted.

“It also doesn’t make sense to continue testing if isolation regulations are lifted,” Holetschek said. From May 1, following a decision by health ministers on Monday, isolation after a positive corona test should only take place on a voluntary basis and last only five days instead of the usual ten days. Regardless, Holetschek announced a panel of experts for the next few days to discuss measures for the fall.

The Bavarian health minister has pleaded not to abandon the search for a compromise in the debate over general vaccination requirements in Germany – even if no agreement was reached in the Bundestag this week. “I would really like to try to find a compromise again,” said Holetschek. Looking ahead to next fall, when the infection rate is expected to rise again, this is necessary. He complained that the current debate amounted to a “failure of compulsory vaccination with an announcement”.

If no agreement can be reached, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) will have to check whether the institution-related compulsory vaccination for employees in the health and social sector can still be applied, said Holetschek. “Karl Lauterbach has to answer that question then,” he said.

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