Guests and topics of Friday January 27

The NDR Talk Show has been around since 1979, making it the second longest running talk show on German television. We’ll tell you who will be guesting in the next issue and also take a look at the show’s long history. next issue is on January 27 at 10 p.m. on NDR.

Present in this show Barbara Schöneberger and Hubertus Meyer Burckhardt (“NDR Talk Show”) together a new edition of the NDR Talk Show by 10 p.m. to 12:15 a.m.

Here are the guests of the NDR Talk Show on January 27:

  • Moritz BleibtreuActor
  • Julius awakeningActor
  • NicholasA singer
  • Dr Matthew Riedldoctor and “doc nutritionist”
  • Robert Kreisanimators
  • Elke Heidenreichauthor
  • “Elevator Boys”internet stars
  • Marina Hoermansederfashion designer

Here are the topics for the January 27 NDR Talk Show:

He was a child actor in “News from Uhlenbusch” and then ran with Franka Potente in “Run Lola Run”. Since then he is not only one of the leading German actors, but also works as a director: Moritz Bleibtreu. Now the Hamburger can be seen in the film adaptation of one of the most successful plays in Broadway history. Over 14 million people have seen the play “Caveman” in over 55 countries and 25 different languages. The focus is on the relationship between men and women, which seems to be even more complicated in the civilized world than in the raw Stone Age. Moritz Bleibtreu plays protagonist Rob Becker, an unsuccessful car salesman who desperately wants to be a comedian.

This is his first role in front of the camera and then a big thing: Julius awakening At 10, he played the young Hape Kerkeling in the hit film “The boy must go outdoors”! The scene in which he says to the camera, pursed red lips, “I wish I had another eggnog, life has to go on somehow!” becomes a viral hit. The Niederrheiner received several awards for his role and has been able to choose his jobs ever since. The 15-year-old has now opted for a children’s entertainment classic: In “The Three ??? – Legacy of the Dragon”, he plays passionate amateur detective Justus Jonas, who finds himself in Transylvania with his two friends. On the NDR Talk Show, Julius Weckauf tells us which puzzles he would like to solve and whether the new movie star still sticks to his real career aspirations as a baker.

Makes her final breakthrough as a singer Nicholas on April 24, 1982. On this day, the 17-year-old girl, with her white guitar and a black dress with white polka dots for Germany, performed at the “Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson” – as the ESC s was calling until 2001 – in Britain’s Harrogate. The singer touches the hearts of the public with her song “EinBit Frieden”, wins the competition and thus gives Germany its first victory in the “Eurovision Song Contest”. Since then, the pop singer has been an integral part of the German music scene. In December 2020, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer and retired from the music business for almost two years. At the same time as she was cured of cancer, she celebrated her big comeback in July 2022 – 40 years after her victory at the ESC. She will be touring again in the fall and pre-sales have started now.

food is a medicine whose is Dr Matthew Riedl, internist, nutritionist and diabetologist from Hamburg, is convinced of this. Its motto: actively prevent, relieve and even cure disease with the right diet and modern nutritional strategies. For ten years, this has also been the concept of the successful NDR series “Die Nutrition Docs”, which Dr. Riedl together with his colleague Dr. Jörn Klasen and his colleague Silja Schäfer. The new season of the series starts now and the “E-Docs” have also concocted a new podcast. How to avoid getting sick from a bad diet is explained by Dr. Matthias Riedl on the NDR talk show.

The artist Robert Kreis was one of the first artists to bring the music and culture of the 1920s and 1930s back to the stage decades later. He appears with a Menjou beard, pomade in his hair, and a proper tailcoat. In his private life, too, he likes the attitude to life and the humor of the times. Kreis is a master of entertainment, but he also has a mission: he wants to preserve the Jewish heritage of the Weimar period. The Dutch artist has lived in Berlin since 2008 and is tirelessly on the road with various programs on German stages. This year, he can celebrate his 50th birthday on stage. On the NDR Talk Show, the 73-year-old tells amusing anecdotes from his own life story and serves up musical cabinet pieces.

Elke Heidenreich is a host, librettist, music lover, literary critic, she has been a cabaret maker, editor, actress – and she is and remains a gifted storyteller. New stories from her can be found in her current bestseller “Your Happy Eyes”. Touching and poetic, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, she recounts her many discoveries and experiences during her travels. On the NDR Talk Show, Elke Heidenreich reveals how she will celebrate her 80th birthday on February 15, which trips she likes to rethink and what she has planned for the new year.

They’re the quintessential internet phenomenon: Tim Schäcker, Jacob Rott, Bene Schulz, Luis Freitag and Julien Brown, all in their early twenties and each already a TikTok star on their own – but together they’re unbeatable. In social media they inspire like “elevator boys“Millions of subscribers around the world. The five guys from Germany, who all work as photo models and call themselves an ‘entertainment boy band’, have become Europe’s biggest internet stars with short clips in the elevator. In their videos, they regularly give insight into their everyday life. During the corona pandemic, the content of the boys has exploded: they now adorn the covers of fashion magazines, travel the world and meet celebrities like Heidi Klum and Brad Pitt. But where there is light, there is also shadow: As influencers, the “Elevator Boys” are also exposed to hate on the Internet and they are now mobilizing against it. Their credo: “Spread love – not hate!” How exactly the superstars are implementing their mission and what surprises are yet to come in 2023, they reveal on the NDR Talk Show.

Her handmade patent leather designs are celebrated in the international fashion world – even if or precisely because they are so eccentric: the designer Marina Hoermanseder. The sources of his inspiration are, for example, the orthopedic corsets of the 18th century. The 37-year-old’s career began with fashion icon Alexander McQueen, today the A-league of Hollywood stars counts among her clients: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton have already worn her clothes. Marina Hoermanseder tells the NDR Talk Show what connects the Vienna native to Hanover, how to dress a minister of state and how her baby girl changed her world


The NDR Talk Show in rehearsal

  • Saturday, January 28, 2023, 1:20 a.m. (Editor’s note)
  • Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 1:45 p.m. (h)
  • Sunday, January 29, 2023 at 10:50 p.m. (SWR)
  • Monday, January 30, 2023, 2:40 a.m. (Editor’s note)

The NDR Talk Show on TV, streaming and in the media library

There’s a new edition of the NDR Talk Show three out of four Friday nights a month. The cycle is such that after three issues there remains a week without a new issue.

Two issues each will be taken on by the duo Barbara Schöneberger/Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt, and the rest of the week Bettina Tietjen and Jörg Pilawa will lead the show.

The broadcast will of course continue to take place on NDR television. Like all public broadcast formats, the program can be followed alongside a live stream on the Internet.

The numbers are then also available on demand for one year in the ARD media library. Here you have the opportunity to review previous editions in their entirety.

These are the moderators of the NDR Talk Show

The NDR Talk Show’s moderators from the very beginning in 1979 were Dagobert Lindlau, Wolf Schneider and Hermann Schreiber. To date, a total of 86 people have hosted the NDR Talk Show.

There are currently two teams of moderators moderating the show. Barbara Schöneberger and Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt have been moderators since 2008.

After Alexander Bommes left the talk show “Tietjen und Bommes” in 2019, the show was also converted into an NDR Talk Show, so that Bettina Tietjen and Bommes’ successor Jörg Pilawa form the second duo of moderation.

The NDR talk show on “Talk am Tuesday”

In September 2019, “Das Erste” introduced the new “Talk am Tuesday” format. At 10:50 p.m. on Tuesday evenings, talk formats are broadcast there which are in fact designed for the third channel and which are also broadcast there.

The NDR Talk Show is one of them. Other formats are “3 nach 9” (Radio Bremen), “Kölner Treff” (WDR), “Here Speaks Berlin” (rbb), “Nachtcafé” (SWR) and “Club 1” (BR). There is no rule as to when the format runs.

The long history of the NDR Talk Show

The two talk shows broadcast on German television are produced in the north. Radio Bremen’s “3 nach 9” has been around since 1974, and the first edition of the NDR Talk Show took place five years later.

The first broadcast of the show took place at the jazz bar “Onkel Pö” on February 9, 1979, with minister Hans Apel as a guest. Arno Breker, who was all but undisputed as Hitler’s favorite sculptor, was also originally invited.

Among the NDR Talk Show’s most influential figures are the hosts, who each guided the show for more than a decade – such as Hermann Schreiber, host from 1979 to 1993.

One person who starred in two of the show’s most famous episodes was Alida Gundlach. From 1984 to 2002, the moderator conducted more than 200 programs. Their encounters with two of the most dazzling German-speaking personalities of the 20th century, Falco and Klaus Kinski, went down in German television history.

Falco was a guest on the NDR Talk Show in November 1992. The two hosts Gundlach and Steffen Simon, now head of the ARD sports program, met the musician very critically. However, he did not let it go and replied with his Viennese humor:

It should come as no surprise that Klaus Kinski’s encounter with Gundlach was less subtle and more direct. For example, he praised Gundlach’s “Popo” in a conversation that only Klaus Kinski can have:

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel has been embroiled in a scandal. When she discussed abortions with writer Karin Struck, Struck’s heart broke. She took off her microphone, lifted her dress, among other things, then threw a glass of wine – with which she injured a woman in the audience:

Here you can get information about current episodes of other talk shows:

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