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The situation is becoming more and more serious. After the beating of Georgina Fleur (32), it’s not just about the guilt of her ex-boyfriend Kubilay Özdemir (42). Because the health of young mothers is also at stake. We had to act quickly.

By Alexander Frederic

Apparently Kubi’s kick was even harder than previously thought. Georgina Fleur, who has a very blackened and swollen eye, is even now struggling for her eyesight!

The ex-jungle camper is now sharing a photo of a paperwork from a medical exam on Instagram. As a result, Georgina was in an eye clinic at her adopted home in Dubai on Saturday. Not only does she suffer from eye pain, but she only sees blurry!

The results are worrying: the report confirms blurred vision in both eyes. Also bleeding from the right eye. Particularly serious: Astigmatism has been diagnosed in both eyes. On the right, the vision would have decreased by 0.5 diopters and would be due to “his trauma”. Georgina in her account of the clinic visit: “I have to save my eye and my sight.”

Worse still: Fleur must have read this shock diagnosis on her 32nd birthday yesterday, as she spent her honor day at the clinic. Of course, there can be no talk of celebrations. Nevertheless, she was very happy to receive congratulatory messages from friends who stood by her side and sent her messages of encouragement.

It had happened

REVIEW: Last week, Georgina’s ex Kubi traveled to Dubai to pick up their daughter (seven months) for business as agreed. But Fleur’s occasional friend (the two are currently estranged) came over drunk.

Because the mama lion didn’t want to leave her child to her ex under these circumstances, he panicked and brutally punched her in the face. Kubi admitted to the act Friday night on BILD TV with the banal words, “My hand slipped.”

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Kubi stressed that he was sorry, but photos of a chat conversation between the two show that is unlikely to be the case. BILD has message history. Afterwards, Kubi even humiliated Georgina by writing to her on Instagram: “You have never looked so beautiful.”

It is not yet known if and what the consequences will be for him. Anyway, Georgina, who lives in Dubai, does not want to leave. “But I can’t and don’t want to go underground now, that’s out of the question for me,” the former jungle camper said.

His eyes now have priority. And her daughter’s safety.


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