Gem water: beauty and health to drink?

If we had been told a few years ago that the gems in water of 2022 were the absolute thing, we would have smiled wearily and thought that the other person might have taken too many mind-expanding substances. . Arrived in the here and now, we now sit down and drink: precious stone water. But is it really useful? Or does it just look nice?

Linda Berger

Always something new that promises beauty and health. Currently very popular: healing stones. For a long time these gemstones were grouped with esotericism and spirituality and rather smiled wearily, but rose quartz, amethyst and others have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity for some time now.

Coming into the beauty mainstream, they are found in the form of rose quartz rollers and Gua Shah stones whose use promises plumper and smoother skin. But there are more gems than that. In drinking water in particular, they are said to have a particularly strong effect and provide numerous benefits for our well-being. Among other things, as a source of eternal youth. And that is exactly why we should now be pouring stones into our water.

What are gems in water?

Gemstones are made up of minerals and trace elements, most of which are found in our body. If we add these gemstones to our water, these minerals should be transferred to drinking water so that we can absorb and process them directly. In addition, they are said to transfer their energy vibrations to the water and thus have a constructive, strengthening, detoxifying and even healing effect. Gemstone water is said to have a positive effect on complexion, improve sleep and stimulate digestion.

But that’s not all: water enriched with precious stones lasts longer, as shown by microbiological tests. Even after two weeks, the water was still sterile. After all, this effect is guaranteed, of course we also hope for the rest.

Which stone for what?

Good water needs a solid base: amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal therefore form a good base for wellness water, which is said to resemble that of a spring bubbling mountain. The stones also have a harmonizing, cleansing and strengthening effect – a base that can be supplemented with other stones. For example:

  • amethyst: ensures good sleep and has a relaxing effect
  • green aventurine:soothes and ensures serenity and inner balance
  • rock crystal: optimizes metabolism
  • rose quartz: calms the nerves and has a beneficial effect on the skin
  • red jasper: against nervousness and stress
  • Sodalite: against fears
  • green jade: calms the stomach
  • Rhodonite: for emotional strength
  • and much more

Tip for beautiful skin

The mixture of amethyst, rock crystal and carnelian is said to have a cleansing and cell building effect, promote blood circulation in the skin and reduce impurities and pimples.

A gemstone water, please: it’s as simple as that

To prepare the special water, you need a glass carafe, tap water and the right mixture of gemstones (about 100 grams). Now all you have to do is fill the carafe with tap water, add the gemstones and let them sit for 24 hours so that the stones can develop their full power.

Good to know: The different properties of a stone affect the intensity of the water. The quality, shape, size and surface also determine the intensity of the elixir.

Caution! These stones are poisonous

Be careful, some stones are not suitable for the production of gem water, so be sure to find out beforehand about the stones you want to use. Important: Gemstones must be compatible with water – turquoise, azurite and malachite, tiger’s eye, pyrite, magnetite, boji stones as well as galena, cinnabar and iron meteorites. nickel should not be used to produce gemstone water, because these harmful substances contained and your miracle elixir can quickly turn into its opposite.

And? does it work?

Spirituality has long since moved past the stereotypes of women in weird dresses, reading the future from tea leaves, and looking a bit like Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter. Rather, it is about self-knowledge, mindfulness and perception. It has not yet been proven whether water really helps. But the thing is, whatever is good for you helps you, too. And we can find some things good because they seem so simple: like gemstone water.

It is enough to entrust a little responsibility to a few stones and trust in the positive effect attributed to them. They may not solve life’s crises right away, but they don’t hurt either (if you use the right water stones) and their spa effect alone should not be underestimated.

After all, it makes a difference whether we drink a glass of tap water or celebrate drinking water by adding a few gems that are supposed to make us look younger, prettier and healthier. Beauty salons know this trick, and now we do too, and that’s why they turn the faucet tube pearl into a small luxury water. Because we deserve it because we are Queens!

But because you can’t help it, a little reminder at the end: Of course, you can also make a lot of money with it. A glass bottle with a few small pebbles quickly costs more than 70 euros. As with all products, it also makes sense to take a close look at where the stones come from and how they are produced.

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