Garmin Vivosmart 5: new fitness tracker with a bigger screen ahead

With the Vivosmart 5, the wearable specialist Garmin plans to introduce a new fitness tracker which, like its predecessor, will be in the lower price segment. What is particularly new is the significantly larger display.

Garmin hasn’t officially introduced the Vivosmart 5 yet, but we already have various marketing images of the new fitness tracker. They show a bracelet that is again simply designed with a grayscale OLED display, which has increased considerably in the new version.

According to the manufacturer, the screen of the Garmin Vivosmart 5 is 66% larger than that of its predecessor. This should make the device easier to read as larger text can be displayed. It can be operated via the touchscreen and buttons, so you can interact with the tracker even with sweaty fingers.

As for other features, the Vivosmart 5 now offers new features such as Sleep Score for sleep quality information. With the security and tracking function, the bracelet can also be used to send emergency notifications, including live location, if needed. The prerequisite is that the bracelet is connected to a smartphone.

Garmin gives the Vivosmart 5 a battery life of up to seven days and promises that the device will also work without any problems while showering or swimming. Built-in sports apps can record activities such as running, jogging, yoga, cardio, pool swimming, and more. The wristband can also be used to record trips, runs and hikes via smartphone connection.

The oxygen saturation of the blood is monitored by the PulseOX sensor and of course there is also the possibility of determining the heart rate. There are also functions to monitor the user’s hydration or stress level. Of course, there are also the well-known functions of a normal fitness tracker, including step and calorie counters, etc.

Garmin Vivosmart 5 pricing information is as sparse as availability information. What is certain is that the new Garmin tracker will be available in black, white and mint green versions in the standard size as well as a version with a larger strap in black.

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