Gaienhofen: Gaienhofer Village Theater outdoes itself with a comedy of mistaken identity

Under the direction of Claudia Godart, the Dorftheater Gaienhofen in the Höri-Halle delighted more than 400 visitors with the mistaken identity comedy “Der Meisterboxer” by the team of authors Otto Schwarz and Carl Mathern.

Trials and Tribulations

In two brilliantly staged performances with typical comedy trials and tribulations, the ten-person ensemble found themselves in what seemed like a two-act dire straits with extremely authentically acted characters and fast-paced dialogue. and fun.

Only the proverbial miracle could have saved him, but dissolved enchantingly in the third act by the cunning of the authors and the humor of the play – where all the characters found their happiness.

On the run from the dictates of food

The jam maker Friedrich Breitenbach is forced to eat vegetarian food by his wife Adelheit. In order to escape his dietary dictates and be able to secretly go on a pork roast round with his friend, the maker uses a sophisticated deception: he pretends to play boxing matches and trains regularly for it.

The jam maker Breitenbach (Manfred Maier, left) poses as a boxer and receives from the real master boxer Breitenbach (Benjamin...

Jam maker Breitenbach (Manfred Maier, left) poses as a boxer and receives a lesson in the pit of his stomach from real master boxer Breitenbach (Benjamin Leonhardt).

He uses the same name as the master boxer Breitenbach, whose exploits he brags about. However, the vertigo threatens to explode when the real champion boxer comes to a match by the lake and Adelheit wants to watch her boxing husband. The manufacturer wants to prevent this by all means.

Beautiful to be ashamed

Manfred Maier shone as the manufacturer and gave the character a cheeky and cunning touch in order to wittily escape his wife’s food dictatorship. Bettina Hotz (like his wife Amalie) convinced with the brilliant portrayal of a confident woman who was able to cohesively integrate every irritation and every indication of a twisted thing into her worldview – until she met the true master boxer.

How Petra Baum as Amalie Wipperling brought her husband Tobias under her thumb was played out beautifully to embarrassment. And no ensemble member could suffer more from his thumb than Thomas Weber as Tobias Wipperling’s husband.

jealousy dramas

Also in the complications ring was Nikolaj Wagner, the son of manufacturer Breitenbach, who had a dance affair with Colette. With her passionate temper and money worries, Carmen Martin sowed confusion and the drama of jealousy in the Breitenbach household.

With a smooth, seductive voice and a combative libido, newcomer Benjamin Leonhard vied for favor with the manufacturer’s daughter as true master boxer Breitenbach. He proved his power not only by trapping Anna Bruttel as the Lotte girl, but also in a cinematic boxing match between him and his identity thief – the father of his beloved.

Actor Herbert Franzen’s attempt to save his business partner Breitenbach from his own embarrassment when he bragged to everyone present about his victory in the boxing match was also hilarious. What his wife, but the manufacturer and alleged boxer did not know until now: that the fight in the arena was canceled.

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