Future-proof with Omnichannel and Outdoor

From digital offerings to dynamic new studio models, from omnichannel to outdoor workouts, the pandemic has changed the rules of the game in the industry and presents multiple opportunities to drive studio success.

Although live fitness remains the number one choice according to the Global Fitness Report (Read more in ‘Key Customer Feedback’), the digital fitness boom and the Work from home office for fitness consumers Training on all channels operate and take advantage of flexible offers that allow them to lead a more active life.

Fitness is entertainment

Along with the many health benefits, it’s time to turn fitness into a 360 degree customer experience mainstream A slogan of this trend is ‘gamification’ near Link to immersive workoutslike THE JOURNEY.

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But also Fitness in virtual reality is one of the innovations that takes fitness entertainment to a new level. Virtual worlds, like in BODYCOMBAT VR, redefine the fitness experience and provide a innovative way to motivate training luck, new target groups to reach.

The digital world offers studio operators the only chanceexceeding their catchment area, expanding their reach, reaching the masses and who encourage membership growth.

the studios that do this authentic studio experience with a complementary digital offer in the homes of their members, lay the foundations for sustainable and lasting loyalty of members by offering digital options with their single point of sale – the live offer and your team on site.

The miracle cure movement

Many people have become accustomed to the advantages of the home office, which Blurring the lines between work and leisure leads, but also great opportunities for studios open.

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Employers are increasingly recognizing that Benefits of active and healthy employees and the positive effects that sports and wellness offerings have on both work performance and employee health. This creates new lucrative opportunities for omnichannel fitness providers.

workshop services

The challenge is to show how studio services do not just physicalbut also to contribute to people’s mental healthto improve mental health to prevent disease or even fight it.

Changes in the fitness industry give us the opportunity to bring more of the exercise wonder drug to people who have lived the past two years. greater awareness of their health has developped.

Meet new needs

The focus for future success in the studio is on the transparent link between live and digital offersto meet the new needs of the fitness industry.

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